Cravings – 1/2005


It’s cold outside; my skin is dry

Can you see it on my face?

I am trying hard not to let it show,

Is it apparent?

Burning at me from the inside out

Back to the dark recesses with you

It’s there; it won’t go willingly

Dash the thought

I know I want, want bad, fanatic

How long can I bare the strain?

That which waits at the door of ecstasy,

Calling my name

There it was, I flinched,

Hope no one saw that

Just beyond the tip of my tongue,

My bottom lip quivers,

Just let me touch, pinch,

A sniff

My neck tenses, fighting the urge

But, I can’t fall helpless,

Satisfaction does come in different colors and flavors?

I can’t go out like that

I can have, if I want

I can have as much as I want

It wants me to want

The unspeakable

Knows how to call my name










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