Difficult Days – Lemroy

NottHeads IncJust got an email, it reads:

“I got some bad news today my youngest brother was killed in an apparent robbery gone bad!  These are some difficult days….”

A school teacher was shoot and killed in his front yard in Miami.  While it is Miami, and shootings happen everyday, on this day it was someone that I know.  My childhood friend is gone.  He grew up on the next block over from mine.  I had known him for many years; we went to Elementary, Middle, High School and College together.

Lemroy Lawrence
Lemroy Lawrence killed

He was a gentle giant.  Always larger than me, but always there when I needed him.  We walked to and from school together on many days.  We studied, laughed and played together on many days; we shared the same thoughts and experiences on many days.  He was a star offensive lineman on the football team, where the wide bodies hangout and fight in the trenches.  He used his size and aggression where appropriate, on the football fields with helmets and pads, not in his relationships.

The news reporter got his name wrong, that would not have troubled him.  He was never one to look for attention; he probably would not have even corrected her.   He was a special person and his presences will be greatly missed.

His name is Lemroy Lawrence.

He leaves a wife, two children, family, friends and students; sadden and suddenly.




5 thoughts on “Difficult Days – Lemroy

  1. he was my high school metal shop teacher in Coral Park Sr. class of 89. hi was the only teacher that as the years have gone by I remembered . words cannot describe what a great man he was.

  2. something told me to type in your name today

    you shouldn’t have died that way

    just seeing your face i still can’t stop crying

    i can picture you dying

    your voice and your laughter is still fresh in the air

    but when i look for you you not there

    we still talk about old days about you

    i love to hear everyone say what you used to do

    i love you uncle roy

    we will pray until they catch that boy

  3. Lemroy Was my Best Friend First, and my Husband Second. Oh wht such great times we had together. 13 years together and one night end ut all. We miss you Baby.

  4. I also have to say I was a friend , team mate of Lem. We played together in High school and also coached together. we went from the big city to little Salisbury NC. He was at Livingstone and I at Catawba. Both of those schools together were smaller than our graduating class in 1979 . Lemroy always was a real gentle giant and a man who inspired others. what a waist . I hope you will carry on his name . To be remembered is to live forever .

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