What’s In A Name

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Mask can't hide who you are

Two of the most important characteristics about a person are their name and their word. In Asian societies a person is addressed by their “Sir Name” (family or legacy) name followed by the first name. The legacy of who we are is built upon those that have come before us, and for those that follow in your name. Each one of us contributes something to the names that we are given and the names that we choose. What has you name on it?

There is a false sense of anonymity with Internet use, as if no one really knows who you are or that it is you. Do you choose to have internet pseudonyms?

Why? Is so, which of the following fit your rational:

  • Your pseudonym is a nickname that you have had for some time.
  • Your pseudonym is an extension of your personality.
  • Your pseudonym gives you the freedom to pretend to be someone else.
  • Your pseudonym gives you the freedom to say what you really think.
  • Your pseudonym gives you the freedom to say whatever, because it does not matter, for controversy, or “For Entertainment Purposes Only”.
  • You use a pseudonym for privacy.
  • You use a pseudonym as a professional name.


Are you willing to stand by your name “Sir” or “Pseudonym”! Does your name represent those that have preceded you and does it give those that follow you firm footing and a clear path to where they want to go?

Put your name on your words, then judge, what’s in a name!




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