Do you vote, it don’t matter?

Do you vote, it don’t matter?

“Wrong again dog breath”, as the former Late Night Show host Jonny Carson would tell sidekick Ed McMahon.

How many of the statements below do you agree with and/or believe to be true:

• It don’t matter who is in the White House, because poor folks will still be poor folks.

• The Democrats need the poor folks to win elections.

• The Democrats will look after the poor people and try to make their situation better.

• The Republican hate anybody that’s not: White, Rich, and Heterosexual.

• My one vote won’t change the outcome of an election.

• All politicians are crooked.

The 2000 Presidential Election should have reminded us all that your one vote matters, even if they throw it out because you pick the wrong person for President.  The American election system is supposed to be about representation.  The system is setup to sustain those that are already have; not raise the have-nots.  Empowered and rich folks will fight to keep their status, empowered and rich; so poor folks will remain poor folks no matter who is in office. What part of the elections systems really matters, and has the most affect on your economic situation?  A great number of the federal distribution programs (government money, being handed out like government cheese) is based upon registered voters and the percentage of registered voters that vote on Election Day.  So if your poor community gets more folks to register to vote and votes, then you should (should?????), in coming years have a larger pool of money available for your poor community.  Mind you, you still gone live in a poor community, but you should have less stress and better public services available in the surrounding vicinity.  Mind you I said, “should have”, but this extra money goes to the local government, which is then suppose to allocate it to the community, right after they take their cut off the top, line the pockets of their friends (the Halliburton example), then what’s left goes to help ease the pain of the poor folks. The other thing is that politicians tend to pay attention to those who can cause them to loose their job or loose money. If you register and you vote, you will get attention.  SIDE COMMENTARY:

·Who is the former Chairman of Halliburton?  Vice President – Dick  Cheney

·Who got the contract for troop support (meal, housing and logistics) in Afghanistan and Bagdad?  Halliburton

·Who got the contract to repair the oil fields of Kuwait, and Iraq?  Halliburton

·Who got the contract to build a new oil pipeline across Afghanistan?  Halliburton

·Who got the clean-up and dike repair contract for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?  Halliburton

·Dick Cheney still owns a significant number of Halliburton stock shares and options; being held in a blind trust fund during his tenure as Vice President.  Cheney works for “We the People” of these United States.

·Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries


Renaissance and/or Revolution, you choose, both are about changes for the better, for the masses. Make a difference!



One thought on “Do you vote, it don’t matter?

  1. this is the thing about voting: it’s not enough. all too often, people put too much emphasis on voting in the presidential election, which really ain’t worth a good goddamn if you don’t participate in the researching and voting for those who would occupy positions in the complementary elections.

    in the vew years that i’ve eligible to vote, i haven’t given it more than a few second’s thought. more and more, it becomes more apparent that this country is run by big business. the discussion i really want to have is about how we can talk about democracy as a form of government in the u.s. and not talk about how that is compromised by and/or modified based on the economic system, capitalism.

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