In My Corner

·       In My Corner 

  • I’ve been there too,
  • In the dark corner of existence where light never ventures
  • Where the weight of the world presses the walls inward
  • Compressing the air, making it difficult to breathe
  • Crouched deep in the corner where I can hide from the world


  • A glimmer of light sneaks in from behind the shades
  • It fades as quickly as it appears
  • Like hope, dreams, promises, opportunity and rainbows


  • Life is one show after another,
  • To all things great and small
  • Here comes the rain
  • The battle of heaven and earth, the endless struggle
  • The roaring thunder, the piercing energy of the lightening and
  • The cleansing water falling, washing the stench of the world
  • Into the sewers


  • In the wake of the destruction, the battle ends
  • As the heavens and earth subside
  • I peek out my window to look for the last traces of the battle
  • A rainbow and a pot of gold


  • At that point I remember two things:
  • If I can see them, then they can see me, and
  • Rainbows don’t come to my neighborhood, only the rent man.




  • I hope he didn’t see me; I must get back to my corner.


D. Nottage


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