How do you deal with the reality of the inconsistency to derive at the stated objective? I need an answer to the question at hand. Confusing as it may be, but as simple as maintaining focus.


Good morning, I hope that all is well where you are. I am blessed to be in your world on this day and thankful for all that is and will be. As I rise from a long nights rest, I am renewed with the promises that the day may bring. I am hopeful for life’s eventuality, for a man without hope is wasting away. The same goes for a woman, all ya’ll!!





The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you are going to stay where you are.

J. Pierpont Morgan


Reality always forms around commitment.

Kobi Yamada


It is better to go the extra step every time than going the extra mile now and then.

Dan Zarda


Clear your mind of can’t!



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