SAGGIN -backward- NIGGAS “Pull Your Pants Up”

saggin pants


Revolution or Renaissance you choose!




> Pull Your Pants Up!!


The Other Day,


A friend of mine came to my dorm room just to chat while her laundry was drying. As we were chatting, two young freshmen came by. One of the boys wanted to “talk” to my friend (as in date). She asked him how old they were, and both of the boys replied 18. My friend and I both laughed hysterically because we are both 22 years old. After my friend left, the young men were still hanging around and one wanted to know how he could gain her interest.


The first thing I told him to do was to pull up his pants! He asked why, then said he like saggin’ his pants. I told him to come over to my computer and spell the word saggin’. Then I told him to write the word saggin’ backwards.



> S-A-G-G-I-N


> N-I-G-G-A-S



I told him the origin of that look was from prison. Men in prison wore their pants low when they were spoken for. The other reason their pants looked like that was because they were not allowed to have belts because prisoners were likely to try to commit suicide.


We as young black people have to be the ones to effect change. We are dying. The media has made a mockery of the Black American. Even our brothers and sisters from Africa don’t take us seriously. Something as simple as pulling up your pants and standing with your head high could make the biggest difference in the world’s perception of us. It is time to do right by ourselves. We need to love and embrace each other. No one is going to do it for us.


It all comes down to perception. What people perceive is what is reality to them. We have to change not only the media’s perception of us, but we need to change our perception of ourselves. Remember all eyes are on you Black Man. All eyes are on you Black Woman. All eyes are on you Black Child. People are waiting for us to mess up. We have let not only the media, but the government and the world taint the pure essence of us. They have stripped our culture down to the point where we only believe we can become rappers and athletes. We are so much more.


> To all my black men:


It is time to stand up. There are billions of Black Women who want to do nothing more than worship the ground that you walk on. We are so in love with your potential. We want to have your back, we want to love, support and cherish every ounce of your being. But with that you have to show that you are willing to be the head of our households. You have to prove yourselves worthy of our submission. We need you to be hard workingNot a hustler. We need you to seek higher education, to seek spirituality. We need you to stand! And trust us; we will have your back. We know that it gets hard, we know you get weary. Trust and believe that there is nothing that a Black Woman and a Black Man can’t handle with GOD on their sides.


> To all my Black Women:


It is also time for us to stand up. It is time for us to stop using our bodies as our primary form of communication. It is time to be that virtuous woman that Proverbs spoke of. We can not sit by the wayside while our men are dying by the masses. We are the epitome of Black Love. It starts within us. We need to speak with conviction to let not only our Black Men know, but the world knows that we are the Mothers of this world. We are so powerful. We are so beautiful. We need to love and embrace every blessing God has given us physically, emotionally and spiritually.


> For all My Black Children:


We need to love them. We need to teach them. We need to stand up for them. We need to protect them. We need to show them that there are no “get rich quick” schemes. We need to tell them that they WILL die trying if they submit to a life of crime and deceit. We need to teach our children that no one will love them the way we can. And being a basketball player, a rapper, or a drug dealer is not reality. It’s not realistic and only a small percentage of people ever make it as a rapper or professional athlete. We need to teach our children that we can be more than rappers and athletes. We can be the owners of these sports teams; we can be the CEO’s of our fortune 500 companies. We need to believe in literacy. I am almost certain if we were to look back to the 1930’s and 40’s, the literacy rates for Black American .


> Children are probably still the same.


> OkI am stepping off of my soap box now. Pull Up Your Pants!!


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    140 thoughts on “SAGGIN -backward- NIGGAS “Pull Your Pants Up”

    1. Oh My Good ness. Thank you so much for the clarity. This was an excellent article. To often our youth do not even know why they do things and what the real meanings are to what they are doing. I was almost speechless when i first heard this logic. I was actually told by my 11 year old daughter. She asked me one day if i knew what it meant to be saggin. I knew but I wanted her to tell me. She said mommy spell the word backwards and when I did i was appalled!! Our youth need to wake up and understand they are such targets and being used!

      1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        Here in the UK it is the same thing. We see a negative attitude – encouraged by our black youths that almost certainly influence white boys who have similar issues of parental neglect and positive role models … etc.

        As a black male in my 40’s, it even makes me want to scream when I see these young kids with their trousers so far down their ass – it’s showing tehir boxers. How on earth can they feel this is positive? What is more sad is that women are attracted to this crap! It raises the question about Good Men not getting the respect they deserve, while BadBoy’s … well.

        Also, the added insult to their existence in the pitbul dogs they have to intimidate others – almost a fashion accessory.

        ‘SAGGIN’ – more like ‘SLACKING!’ What a shame that such a negative influence can be encouraged by our own young people. Sadly, disrespecting oneself has a detrimental affect to our communities and society as a whole. the BIG question is, how do we turn it around to encouraging a positive influence to how one feels about themselves and tehir lives?

      2. Every where i go i see men with their pants sagging why go through all that trouble of holding your pants when u can just pull them up…i bet their hands hurt

      3. Hi Walidah,

        You’re 100% correct!

        The unfortunate thing about this ‘saggin’ is that the naivety is spreading and our is becoming a weak and negative influence in young people. Also, what a shame that it is our young black boys who seem to be promoting such negativity. But, they don’t see it as that. This concerns me.

        Young black boys need to realise that the term ‘nigger’, which send shivers down many of our spines when we hear this racist slur, was used by white people to further psychology detriment black people in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Why, therefore, would any black person want to relight this term – even if to spell it ‘niggas’ instead of ‘niggers’ is still highlighting that intelligence is lacking here. What other race will bring back a racist term and try to explain that it is a positive thing for them? Yea, young black boys whose ‘trousers are hanging down – showing their boxers, does more reflect their poor attitudes.’ What a shame!


        1. it isn’t meant to seem that way, but in case you haven’t noticed, African Americans aren’t really respected like that (by the government media, even the community). Why is this? because we degrade ourselves so low as to doing ignorant things and the only thing that they believe we African Americans are capable of doing is committing crimes, rapping or saggin our pants which as you can see spells niggas backwards

    2. “What about sagging. Idiots!!!!!!!!” ?????????????????

      Some things are wasted on some people? Did you miss the point? Even spelled correctly, the pants are still sagginG and the idea of black men sagginG still applies…
      Wake up and do us proud. Whe will we realize our potential and stop blaming everyone else, while we are seepinG more and more into dead end fads that are killing our children and the fabric of our families?

        1. You have missed the bigger picture. Saggin spelled backwards is niggas. The bigger picture is our young people wearing their pants way down on their butts. Others are making a mockery of blacks. Our young people need to stop this and think more of making a mark in this world. Get a good education, become great men and women for their generation and those to come.

        2. No – you missed the point. The G is silent dummy – for instance Gnat is a bug that flies around annoying people. We don’t call them Gah – nats, now do we? It has been said – wake up black men (young and old) and pull those pants up. It is so unsightly. Noboby wants to see your butt!

        3. It ain’t called “sagging”, unless you’re white and proper…It’s called “saggin” in da hood! Which does = niggas!

    3. i think that you should get a billboard with your article meaning on it becouse that would make a big difference in the black american mind of men

        1. White boys who sag are apparently Niggas too. I understand the term not to be specifically geared towards people of color, but it is geared towards IGNORANT people. Although black people were called niggers for quite some time and in some cases they still are, it’s a term used to identify ignorant people. Anyone can be a nigga’ no matter what their color. Anyone wearing their pants half their @ss is ignorant

        1. If you want to be called an African American at least speak the American language properly. I’m just saying that on this because it is a perfect example.

      1. white boys are not killing one another and suffering from a severe form of self hatred…white boys are not filling up the prisons…this isnt about white boys…it is about “us” they are only trying to emulate what they perceive as “cool”. WAKE UP!!

        1. Legend 2005
          White boys kill their wives, kids and love ones which is far more worst than killing another thug. The prisons SHOULD be filled with white boys for the crimes they have committed towards us in the past but they aren’t because they are CRACKERS. This is about PROPAGANDA, I think you should wake up. Crackers will always promote this type of PROPAGANDA to steer society to BELIEVE that blacks are the underdogs. Meanwhile they are killing their wives, raping their children/your children, your dog, the picnic table, dolphin, etc. I think you should WAKE UP and sweep in their yard before worrying about blacks. You are a good example of self hatred. GOOGLE Black Wall St jealous whites, WHITE WATCH PEDOPHILES, GOOGLE IMAGE SERIAL KILLERS MOSTLY WHITE IF NOT ALL, GOOGLE TEACHER RAPES STUDENT CLICK IMAGE MOSTLY WHITE, GOOGLE PRIEST RAPE BOYS AND YOU WILL SEE ALL WHITE. I PERSONALLY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A BLACK MINISTER RAPING BOYS. Look how many white teachers f&*(&*( their students wearing Brook Brothers no doubt……

      2. “white boys” do it because like you, they think it looks cool. The truth is, you need to have some pride in who you are., your appearance. It started with the black population in prisons, and these are the fools the urban youth, black and white, want to emulate ?. Pathetic and sad. Find better role models. I find it amuzing that one day when these ignorant youths look back at who they were, they will be ashamed and embarassed at this ridiculous practice.

        1. White boys do it for the same reason black ones do — because they know, even if unconsciously, that girls open their legs for the thugs and layabouts. Responsible men get stuck in the “let’s just be friends” zone.

    4. Hi everone.
      First right out front. I am white. I am whiter than most people because of my icelandic blood. I didnt grow up in the hood. I grew up in a far worse enviroment though…Abuse, Drugs, death. these were common everyday things.Not in Iceland mind you but here in the U.S. growing up. So I know… I Hate to see guys running around with their pants hanging down. first its about stupid and 2nd wtf! I think that idiot- Vanilla ice started this with white guys…I dont get myself how a bunch of white boys from suburbia can just change overnight. One day they walk normal next they walk with a limp and pants sagging. Maybe they think its cool but to me they look stupid. And really it looks stupid on anyone. I dated a black man for a while who started that on me and I told him that I would not go out with him if he did that. He so much as called me a racist. The Sheet hit the fan on that one and he realized quickly what they say about viiking chicks having a temper… I think it doesnt take much for any race to act with dignity and respect. I am not black. But I dont have to be black to enjoy the music of muddy waters, or the teachings of Dr Martin Luther King. I find it strange that more young black people doint take stock in men like Benjamin Branecker or George washington Carver. Robert Palmer said”it takes every kind of people to make the world go round”
      These words are true and profound. As well as Dr King stating “we shall over come” and what shall we overcome? fear, disease, hunger war and separation….The word N… is a word that was used by slave owning hypocrits and racist in the U.S. I dont care if you spell it with ER or AS its is a word neither white or black people should use. And it is degrading to black people to allow the stima attached to that word to continue in music and in their circles


      1. Hi Ice Queen. You’ve missed the point. This article has nothing to do with where you grew up and your believing it was worse than anyplace else. this article is not about you dating Black men, or him calling you racist, or “vanilla Ice” . By the way white men have been trying to sound like and dress like black men for decades. Check out Al Jolson, Pat Boone, Mich Jagger. “Culture Vulture-ism” is not new.

        This article isn’t about you, or white people. Or the “N” word. You do not have to convince us you are not Black. Or to not use the “n” word. Again, this article is not about you. Of course you don’t know why more young black men don’t take stock in those particular words of Dr. Kings. Often they have nothing to do with the kind of world young Black men are living in. Please read other words of Dr. King. See if you can find any reference to the words “patronizing”.

        It’s an excellently written article about our young Black men needing to talk a look at the youth “fad” of sagging. How it feeds into the stereotypical image the world has of them. How it effects their own self image, and how some young Black women view them.


    5. I am proud to see someone taking responsibility for themselves and their friends – I think you are on the right track!

    6. Other than it being completely and ridiculousy stupid, it also poses a problem for these young “thugs”, and wanna-be thugs that wear their pants that way. I’m gonna risk sounding extremely stereotypical here, but what happens when these kids are getting chased by the cops, or by other pant saggin miscreants?? Do they have to stop and take a break to pull up their pants? It is bad enough that they can’t even walk straight. They have to waddle like ducks cause the pants are so low. I think what happened was the damn t-shirts they started wearing got so long or “tall” that they had to sag the pants lower so they could show off the Azzure or Enyce logo on the pocket.
      I’m not even gonna sugar coat this. Im white. I listen to hip hop. I am from Queens, NY. I am the furthest thing from racist. I even see white kids saggin their pants. The punk rockin white kids sag the tight pants now. It is really sad that this has become the thing to do, whether white or black. Hip Hop or Punk. I was walking down the strip on VA Beach the other day, and more than half the young punks and thugs I saw made it seem like they were modeling their underwear for the girls. What self respecting girl would find this attractive??
      Ok, Im done. I could keep going but I am gettin mad now.

    7. I am 43 and have seen styles come & go in the black community. Sagging pants is the worst one I have seen yet. It says absolutely nothing positive about being a black person of dignity. I have a 5 year old son who is smart enough to find his waist line. When I see a black man with his underwear showing because his pants are sagging, the first words that come to mind are disgraceful and immature. What decent woman would be interested in a dude who doesn’t have enough sense to realize that he looks like a complete idiot to 85% of society (black & white). Mothers, please raise girls want men who are smarter than my 5 year old son!

        1. this is not about white people. not everything has to do with white people. this is about US! About young Black men deciding to grow up and take responsability for thier appearance.

        2. Legend 2005
          Exactly ! FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS MICHAEL JORDAN STARTED THIS TREND. NOT JAIL! Remember BROTHERS HAVE BIG DINGDONGS VS WHITE BOYS PINKY SIZE DING DONGS. BROTHERS HAVE TO “HANG” I think this is a form of jealous propaganda. True their is a time and place for pants to pull up and they have pants that fit brothers physique. Remember white boys have little dings and white girls have flat asses. We have to wear clothing to fit our beautiful physique. White girls have flat asses and shape like men. When they pull their hair back they look very masculine. Let’s focus on that for a change. Leave our brothers alone. JEALOUS RACIST CRACKERS & IGNORANT SAMBO’S get a grip already. Keep in mind it was a cracker that got arrested for lying to get into HARVARD. MEANWHILE HILL HARPER GRADUATED FROM THEIR!

    8. WOW!

      Talk about a message taking off!

      The GodFather of Soul James Brown and his sister Fannie had the exact same concern about our children (and adults!) and even wrote a song about it!

      Right before he died, James told his sister Fannie to take the band and record the song they wrote in the mid 90s called “Pull Your Pants UP!”. There is a line in the song they wrote that says “SAGGIN, is what?!?! What spelled backwards…”

      Fannie was very close to her brother and knew exactly what he wanted. She recorded the song and it is being released! Please take a listen to the song that James and Fannie wrote at:

      LET’S PULL’EM UP YA’LL!!!!!

      LET’S PULL’EM UP YA’LL!!!!!

    11. I invite each and every one of you to visit my myspace page ( and find out the real meaning behind saggin pants. I’m a producer of a reality series that’s set inside Detroit’s Wayne County Jail”, check out what a inmate had to say about saggin.


    12. hold on!!!! so u guys are so dogmatic that u will automatically assume that someone is “immature” and “disgraceful” simply because of the way they are dressed? how about u get to know the fucking person before u go making assumtions about people because of their clothes. “assuming make an ASS out of U and ME.” hello!! it’s just a damn “fad,” get over it people! it’s not just “niggas” that are “saggin'” (btw, i think it’s spelled “sagging” for all u college graduates out there, sounds like u guys are using the same fad as people who sag, taking off “g’s” at the end of words, what’s wrong with yall?) it’s a lot of young males, the punk rockers wear their incredibly tight jeans “saggin,” the nice white kids even do a little bit of saggin. quit tellin people what to do (“pull up your pants”–i’m glad nobody’s had the nerve to say some shit like that to me in person) and worry about your own damn self. u guys got nothing better to do than waste time talking about some fad u don’t like, nobody gives a fuck what u like. i mean, i agree with some of this article, there’s some intelligence behind it, but it focuses too much on something that u guys don’t need to be worried about so much. wow u guys are way too stuck-up to be this fuckin concerned with some bullshit like this…

      1. Wow, are you really THAT vested in wearing your crotch down at your ankles? Maturation also has something to do with knowing which battles to choose.

      2. We’re concerned about it because it reflects who we are as humans. Yeah, theyre “immature and disgraceful” ! You wont see a black man with responsibility and pride in himself “saggin” ! Wake Up you ignorant fools and have some respect for yourself, as well as others who have to see this ludicrous practice !

    13. Oh Gee the cry of those who rant on and on about freedom of speech freedom of religion and all of that rot.

      Let me say this: With freedom comes responsibility. If I as a musician and spout lyrics that at least partially influence my listeners to do drugs and be gangsters then I am partially responsible for instance.

      So based on what I have read in your little reply we should be allowed to dress how we like?. I should be able to take my blouse off and let the whole world see my c cups or I should not wear a bra and walkabout town with a white t-shirt on?. And display my goodies…Is that it? Or perhaps I should just wear jeans that show off my pubic hair? Lets all just wear what we want walk around looking like complete idiots and listen to rap that spouts all kinds of hate, drugs and nastiness…

      No I am afraid you have missed the point. That is that the originator of the discussion here is trying to get these guys to wake up and realize that the people they are emulating are upholding violence, drugs, murder, rape and prejudice-This whole G code thing seems to be addressing prison as a right of passage… The sagging pants are supposed to be a part of their “G” code and all…Well Black men and white both need be in college not prison- they need to emulate better hero’s not these con-men who are just in it to sell their cd’s- most of these people are nothing more than posers…So the joke is on them.

      So they can go a head and sag all they want- they look like idiots, I should hope that they don’t have to run anywhere in a hurry because they would sure trip all over the place.
      You’re a funny little guy. Keep up the replies because I found your little rant very amusing

    14. I too completely agree with this article. As a senior in History I spend much of my time connecting events of the past to the future and searching for cause and effect relationships. I have found that individualism in the U.S. has gone too far. We tend to have the attitude that our actions effect only ourselves and no one else. This is the point “do what” has missed. We don’t care what you wear but we do care about the results that come from the way you dress, i.e. sagging. We care because we live in this world too and want to make it better. And unfortunatley I haven’t heard anybody say one good thing that sagging has caused.

    15. saggin get white people to talk about becaues we are so black people have a bad rep so lets change and dont sagg. if you do sagg like me dont sagg that much sagg a little or not at all.

    16. I first read about the true meanings behind letting your pants sagg on Global Grind. I’m not one to walk around with my pants down, but I remember doing it when I was younger and didn’t know any better. It’s safe to say that I won’t be doing that anymore.

    17. Yes we should respect your freedom of expression- And on my next statement dont get me wrong- I am not one of those people. but if we allow one person to have freedom of expression then I should allow people who like Hitler to place photos of him in their cubical I should not complain if I see a swastika. Women should be allowed to not wear a top so we can be cool when we go outside like men do. WHen I check my mail in the morning I should be able to go out there with my boobs just hangin out for the whole world to see. I should be able to say nasty things and no one should have a complaint…No I dont think we should ever have freedom of expression without responsibility so take it as you will.
      People who object to sagging are not objecting because they want to attack your freedoms. They are doing so because sagging is utterly stupid.

    18. Wether sagging is stupid or not is a matter of opinion! There are countless things I see in society today that I have a negative opinion about such as women showing all there titties through cleavage showing shirts, low rise jeans that show g strings, muslim women wearing sheets of clothing in 90 degree weather, punk rockers wearing chains and spikes and black clothing looking like walking zombies, etc! But although I do not like to see these things, that is what our country has given us the freedom to express! Our OWN style! People bark and bitch about seeing someones underwear! DONT LOOK! At least they are not showing there naked skin and bare body parts like women who show everything except their nipples! As long as they are covering their body parts, I dont think its right for anyone to take that freedom away because they have an opinion or a dislike because of the style! If society enforces a ban on sagging, it needs to enforce a band on everything else that people have a problem with such as gays kissing in public, cleavage showing clothing, punk rock chains and cult looking clothing, sheets in hot ass weather and everything else that people think is stupid in their minds!! NO!! You can not enforce and take away a freedom to choose no matter how ridiculous you think something looks! ITS CALLED COPING WITH THE DIFFERENCES IN SOCIETY AND IN OUR WORLD AROUND YOU!!

      Plus in my opinion, to say someone isnt educated based on how they look is as less educated to say! How the hell do you know someone’s intelligence level based on how they where they’re clothing? Stereotyping all people to think they are a certain way shows the small mindedness of people who claim they are sooooo smart! I agree that a large majority of people may be uneducated and may have a criminal history, but to think that a person who is sagging is a thug or is uneducated is the same as thinking all blacks are ignorant, all mexicans are illegal immigrants and all whites are devils….which is very stupid to think!!!!

      Now, although I think that it is good to teach kids decency, forcing grown adults to wear their clothes a certain way to please people is just freaking ridiculous. If I go to work everyday and pay money for the things I buy, you better be prepared to get cussed out like a sailor if you try to tell me how to wear my clothes to your satisfaction. You dont see and hear people saying “Hey pull your pants down, you look like a damn geek!” Nobody should enforce their opinion on somebody else no matter how distasteful they think it is. Especially when there are no body parts being shown. (AND PLEASE MISS ME WITH THE “I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR ASS!) You dont see a person’s ass who has on boxers. You see there boxers but not skin! No one is saying anything to women who show skin everyday from the hood to Hollywood! The best option is to teach kids that in public places like school, church, court, the workplace, etc. this is not allowed. But to force grown people to wear clothes to your satisfaction is ridiculous and will get you a quick “fuck you go to hell” finger! Next they will be forcing people not to wear certain hairstyles and all kind of silly things based on personal dislikes. This is ludicrous!!

      1. LEGEND 2005

        EXCELLENT! NO ONE says anything about white girls wearing daisy dukes or the racist little whiteys wearing that UGLY gothic shit worshipping satan listening to LOUD horrible music taking drugs.

    19. No I think they have fooled you Nigga. But whatever. People make assessments of you by the way you look first, it don’t matter than you have a good heart or a nice personality. They see you as a thug. That’s their first impression of you. While to the young it doesn’t matter, when you try to get a job wearing those “pants” it will. You won’t have a good job to support yourself. So maybe you should wonder who is fooling who.

    20. How have I been fooled? Why do you assume that I wear baggy or sagged pants? I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing baggy pants; I have never worn these and never will. I probably wear pants far tighter than yours, old black lady, but that has nothing to do with this. Anti-sagging pants is all racism. I am a very well dressed gentleman, and I would never show up to an interview wearing nothing but my best. Again, this has nothing to do with the subject. Why do you think I don’t have a job, or can’t get a good one? You sure have assumed a lot of things…

      Anyway, my point is that if this is the clothing style, or is associated with a particular subculture, then that is what is. Is this associated with homosexuality? By and large, absolutely not. I’ve never heard of this being part of a gay subculture, prison or otherwise. If I had to make a guess, I’d say that it has to do with wearing handmedown clothing, and that evolving into a clothing style, with poorer blacks adopting that merely because they were more comfortable that way. There was also a fashion trend in the mid 90s focusing around loose bottoms, but it is difficult for me to say whether that came from the streets or from fashion houses. Chanel copied rampantly from hip hop style, and later on brand started to rip off “skater” style from California. Many of the early skate brands had some version of baggy pants, originally in the hammer style, with a lot of taper, and evolving to the enormous style we know today. Perhaps there was no real reason for loose pants to emerge again…perhaps it was a response to tight pants (especially denims) of the 1980s, but it doesn’t really matter. The main point is that it has nothing to do with homosexuality or thuggery. It has come to represent “badman,” only because of it’s youth associations. I’m sure in 10 years there will be something else to complain about, perhaps kids will wear their pants too tight? I can see that coming.

      If you don’t like reading: baggy pants are not bad, they are clothing. There is no association with homosexuality. If you submit to the superficiality of others, you are a lackey. That kind of slave mentality won’t get you anywhere.

    21. You seem to be associating homosexuality in a bad light and you are wrong for it. Dont group thugs and Homosexuals together because they are two different kinds of people. I am Bi female and built very well. And just because I have a lesbian relationship doesn’t mean I’m wrong. So stop pointing a finger and saying that people who object to saggin are racist when you are the one apparently displaying racism. I would like to know how you can be black…grow up and endure all the things it means to be black and yet display such bigotry? When I was growing up- I asked my daddy why the schools were segregated- I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me going to the same school as people who were black…I was as a little girl not allowed to hang out with one of my friends or go to school with her because of segregation- her parents views and my daddy’s views and it is wrong now as it was then. What is worse is how people try to impose their Christian views and assume everyone is a Christian. And if you are not Christian you are wrong somehow…Sagin is not well received by me because I really don’t like looking at a mans hairy ass. I don’t care if they want to wear their pants low like that, fine. but please tuck that BUTT! Besides it looking stupid it’s a sure indicator of a guy who lacks common sense. Let me see- you want to be a gansta. OK so lets assume you do something illegal and run from the cops. How in the hell can you run from the cops with your pants tripping you cuz they are hanging around your ankles?

      Let me tell you something else:
      Last year I happened on these boys and they were in the street having a rally- I asked them “who amongst you is pure white” they didn’t know. they could not reply. I told them that nobody is really white and if the really wanted to get their cause going they would have to start a eugenics program…See its sickening nowadays all these people and their little categories. NOBODY SHOULD EVER USE THE WORD N______ER OR ANY WORDS LIKE THOSE. Nobody should ever be talked to that way not amongst themselves or by others. I find it very bad to have to listen to people of other races talk down about me because I am white. I am whiter than anyone you prob know but It doest mean I’m uncool or have not the ability to dance or sing or am lacking in some way. Nor does it make me wrong because I don’t like rap or black styles. IM not black, have no desire to be black and am fine being a bi. There is nothing wrong with me and I’m not going to hell. Nor am a Christian and I don’t need to be converted.
      So Yea sag if you must. BUT Pa LEASe hide that butt because seriously guys it aint pretty.

    22. OH WoW!
      What’s wrong, with saggin is that it’s a open invite to kiss someone’s ass and I ain’t the one. It is very disrespectful to others and the that would do some shit called saggin. What? You got to show the world that your a ass now? I seen one guy just walking down the street, eating something and his pants fell down, what kind of shit is that. I wouldn’t let mine out the house looking that way, and they are at the age that I can do that. I want them to grow and respect themselves and others. I don’t want them trying to run from the Big Dog, and get bit because they have this thing going on with them called saggin. My daughter had company at my house one day, and when I walked in his pants was down around his knees. I went off! I will not be disrespected in my own house! You know what he said? What? Young Man buys shorts, then pull them down around his knees until they look like pants, he forgot something, his ass was hanging out.

    23. There’s nothing wrong with being a rapper or an athlete. If thats what you wanna do, if thats where your heart is GO FOR IT, cause we all watch sports or either listen to some form of rap music. I dont sag my jeans because its not my style, but I don’t knock anyone who does it. I just laugh at them. We can’t judge them because even though we don’t sag our pants we may do SOMETHING that offends them or other people as well. People should just worry about themselves. We need to sweep around our own backdoor.

    24. Since when does being a professional athlete & rapper sit in the same category as a drug dealer???
      This piece is traveling through the net and I don’t think this is totally true, but I have my opinions and you have yours.
      I am a Mother of a 13 y.o. boy who loves basketball, gets extremely good grades and once in a while likes “sagging.” Of course I tell him to pull his pants up and have alleviated this by buying him bigger pants so that he can have them on his waist, yet still have his pockets down low. I support, love, guide and take an active interest in my son and in return I see before me a young black male that is destined to become something great whether it be a professional athlete, rapper, CEO, Team Owner or otherwise. He has my love & support as well as his DAD’S and I think that is what makes a difference. I know where my son is at all times and I keep tabs on him because he is my responsibility as well as his Dad’s!
      I wish everyone would talk to the older Black Males & Females that are not taking care of their children and leave the kids alone about their “fad” before we have our next generation of thugs to deal with.
      “Obama for President”

    25. I truly appreciated this article. We need to teach our black children that “saggin” makes you look like an uneducated, poor, impoverished, gangsta, drug pushin, lazy black male (not a black man, but a black male…there is a HUGE difference). And parents, why would you want your child to step out of the house looking like that anyway? They represent you. We need to train our children to present themselves well in the public. I get so sick and tired of seeing black males with their pants around their knees. We need to clean up our image. Many of us as Blacks are well educated, hard working, and take care of our home life and our children. As a manager in a non-profit organization, there would be no way in hell, that I would ever hire a black man to work for me if he came into my establishment with his pants saggin…even if he came in just to pick up an application and he was saggin, I wouldn’t even consider him. So it is true, the way you dress speaks loud and clear. This article said it and so will I, PULL YOUR PANTS UP. It makes you look like a dumb, ill-informed, illiterate jackass.

    26. yerrrr!! white boy sags od and all my white Feens do too!! i like the word niggah too!..y cant we refer the word niggah to any person any raise..whats poppin my niggah?lol

      1. Another genius reply from someone who should pull up their pants and get an education. Ever heard of pride ? Do you think Martin Luther King wouldve dressed like that ? Most certainley not. Grow up already., and “Pull up your pants” !!!

    27. To the guy who said you wish someone would tell you to your face that you look like an idiot… What are you going to do; fight because someone made fun of your clothes… LOL Maybe you arent smarter than the 5 yr old son of the 43 who left the comment. And to your comment abut the college degrees.. The word Gnat is pronounced (nat). The G is silent. If we say sagging and it becomes “gniggas”, it’s still pronounced niggas because AGAIN the g is silent. Either way you look at it…..It’s ignorant. A nigga is an ignorant person and your stupid asses looks ignorant whether youre black or white when you are old enough to be potty trained and you walk around with your pants saggin off your ass! How many successful men do you see in sagging or saggin pants? When was the last time you saw Obama or Trump walking around saggin? What about Kwame Kilpatrick or Tiger Woods… Hell Tom Brady or Bret Favre…… NEVER… Diddy and Jay Z can walk around like that because they works for themselves and their clothes have their names stitched on them… I dont know what to say about this generation of men who thinks this style of dress is okay. Im getting off my soap box! We as employers have got to say NO more often to these applicants who dont pull up there pants. I WILL NOT hire a young man with sagging pants…BLACK OR WHITE!!!!! $@%$! Wont do it!!! My soul wont let me… If you start that saggin while youre in employed, you will be dealt with and these young ladies have got to let these guys know that saggin aint sexy!.. Good luck.. We’re going to need it…

    28. It’s so sad that the things our ancestors fight to stop and close the book on is now being opened by the kids of today. Slavery started cause Africans was ignorant, now ignorant black kids are pushing slavery on theirselves.

    29. Man this is garbage….. some body made this BS up! I do not support the niggas that wrote this BS nor do I think pants that are saggin is a good look for anyone!

      Black People Stop Lying! White people have brain washed these ignorant,blind,deaf and dumb uncle Tom dumb Niggas to long!

      They tell niggas anything and they believe it….And then these niggas come back and try to tell us black people that we are dysfunctional because of a trend!

      Plumbers, Carpenters,Tight pants Rock and Roll singers and Fat People constantly walk around with there ass crack showing and you have not heard a word about it! But they want to lock up Blacks for there saggin pants. Hold up your 3 middle Fingers and tell the writer of that BS to read between the lines.

      Hey that saggin pants law will most defiantly be in states were there is high electoral votes like Florida so they can stop blacks from voting by giving them a felony and these dumb niggas will back them.

      Im going to blog the writer of this nonsense and ask her educated stupid ass to keep it real! Tell Kids that saggin pants is not a good look and why….This is a case of the blind leading the ignorant!

    30. It only spells “niggas” when you don’t use proper English spelling. Although the slang on the streets may be “saggin”, a properly educated person would know it should be SAGGING and thusly throws the racial term association under the bus.


    32. 4 yall 2 just sit dwn an actually think 2 configure that saggin spelled backwards means nigga u need 2 get a life, … i feel the article wen it comes 2 black people needing 2 stick 2getha n everythng but people act like saggin is the worst shyt in the world wen u got people out here robbing, killing, and all the other shyt going on. sagging aint got nothing to do with being black or none of that because like homeboy said white boys, Arabic,mexicans and every other nationality does it to. its a fad just like anything else. just like thongs 4 females or back in the day with everybody with tight ass pants. you have the freedom to dress and express yourself any way you want. and its not indesent exposer because your not even showing no skin. if you dont like how it look than cool dont do it!! and if you dont want to date somebody who does it than cool dont!! DATS WATS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY. EVERYBODY ALWAYS LOOKING AT THIS LITTLE BULLSHIT INSTEAD OF THE BIG SHIT THAT US AS BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT LIKE RACISM!!!

        1. you sag because your ignorant and your a follower to. you just have a guilty conscious about saggin and you also have a one track mind. fuck head its people i mean animals like you that destroy the youth. dead weight and a lost of sperm and a waist of childbirth.

        2. Tween, your response says it all man. Nuff said! If you believe this is a positive way for you, your followes .. etc, then good luck to you. Maybe, in many many years to come you will look back with a different mind … and laugh at how your attitude has changed in life, matured and progressed. But right now … you’re not going to listen. Everybody is ignorant but you. Wisdom is about learning lessons, being insightful and thinking deep about the challenges and solutions in our complicated lives. In order to strengthen ourselves, confronting what is difficult, complicated and challenging will always raise the mark, set higher standards and gain rewards. Are you ready for that? Or is it just about swearing and being foul mouthed at those who raise questions, and who are willing to have an intelligent debate?

    33. Pingback: Angelica
    34. Man this some ignorant bullshit, makes me a shame to be even considered a part of the black race, with all this ignorance going on, from ignorant black women acting all ghetto and shit, talking loud like they in the fuckin country somewhere, useless gold digging bitches. To Motha fuckin niggas hanging, their pants low, you some ignorant faggots, yall bitches need to be locked up and get ass raped in jail, i swear if the world ended in 2012 and end up being a lawless world, i’m fuckin going columbine up in this bitch.
      Tired of this fuckin bullshit, seeing bitches and niggas like yall everywhere i go. Stop your ignorant behavior. And we wouldn’t be considered a race of ignorance.

    35. I dont sag a lot, I just dont like to wear my pants around my belly button. I am really tall and skinny though. It does look stupid when people wear them under there ass but you people sound like grumpy old people who are haters. The times are a changin people quit your bitchn

    36. Here is the problem people.

      Are people even thinking when they read this garbage about saggin’ being a word developed back in the days of slavery?? Saggin is slang for Sagging…Does anyone really believe these slang words were around in the 1800’s??

      To sag is to droop. Think to yourself people. What other commonly used word would best describe the look of wearing ones pants like that??? HENCE THE WORD SAGGING!!

      It’s just incredible to read an article that starts out highlighting the fact that the writer is completely ignorant! All the while acting like she is intelligent.

      This sister is exactly the type of sister that helped develop the word…


      DaTz RiGhT I Said iT!

      1. “What other commonly used word would best describe the look of wearing ones pants like that???”… Ridiculous., Stupid., Immature, Pathetic., Ignorant., Lowlife., Sad., just to name a few I Yeah, I think your ending statement “DaTz RiGhT I Said iT!” says it all.

    37. To all the ignorant comments… you are afraid of the truth. You haven’t done your research and so you speak out your ass instead of your mouths. When I walk through a store and see brothers as old as my father with saggin’ jeans what am I supposed to think? I mean, really? Do they go to their 9-5 dressed this way (hell, do they even have a 9-5) My point is, and like the sister’s letter to black men pointed out…you gots to DO BETTER

    38. I’m not black and I don’t wear my pants around my knees but I thank you, from the deepest places in my being, for saying what cannot be said with as much power or as much impact as when said by a beautiful, black woman.
      I am sick to my soul of seeing young people of any race, creed or color emulate immoral and ignorant “superstars” who couldn’t make it one day in the 9-5 world. Choose your examples more carefully, children, or your future will be barren of the comfort and solace you will seek in the twilight of it. You are not to blame for the state of our society, but you are the only chance we have to stop the bleeding.the only

    39. Well just look at the difference of how improper the writing on here is you can clearly tell who is black and who is not. I think that may reflect the character just as well as the “saggin”.

      1. Does your comment make you feel better about yourself? Pure ignorance. I am sure you can tell I am white. That there are African Americans in honor societies doing something with their lives. It is people like you that keep the ignorance flowing. Good Job! Now lets teach our children to be low class trash and discriminate based upon skin color. Lets keep the cycle going because it will only result in? Hmmmmm maybe continuing..just a thought..comments such as your own only show how close minded people are and our problem with society. It is easy to tell who is black and white just as easily by the racist comments. There is no getting through to people such as yourself I am wasting my time.

    40. Other rhetoric here aside, I disagree about who is making a mockery of whom with this sagging issue. “A man cannot be made a fool by others. He can only make a fool of himself”.

    41. Hi to All!

      Check out what I found from an anonymous author. I thought i would share with you. Tell me what you think!

      “Clothing and personality go along together. I believe that what a person looks on the outside resembles how he or she looks on the inside. Upon observation, much speculation about a person based on what he, she wears,or how he or she dresses is likely. Just like emotions, one can look at a person’s clothing and somewhat foreshadow what that person will be like. Clothing, if read properly, can uncover a wide range of things– inner thoughts, habits, values, personal memories and personality traits. For example, by simply observing a specific article of clothing, such as a t-shirt, I am able to gain a vivid picture of the person who wears it.

      An associate once said that her creative aura shines through herself through odd ways. She wears what she wants when she wants to, whether it matches or not. Her taste in clothing matches her personality; it is an eclectic mix of brightly colored vintage pieces and clothing in subdued shades from Old Navy. She is the kind of person who can make dull moments in a situation filled with laughter and joy.

      Clothing reflects personality, because people usually wear what they like and what makes them feel good about themselves. In this day and age it is very hard to keep up with each generation’s trend be it on how I carry myself through my clothes or how I represent myself through my personality. Each person or group has his or her own style. The styles reflect their way of life. If one plays sports, he or she tends to be more casual in their choice of clothes. If one socializes with a snobbish crowd, he or she tends to be meticulous in choosing clothing. People have their own preference in attire based on their personality.

      Lifestyle Influences on Clothing Needs

      The need for clothing is one of life’s bare necessities. How we choose to wear it, defines the kind of person we are or even our status in society. As people develop, the requirements in clothing change in order to meet physical and psychological needs of the specific age group. These requirements of the age group must also take into account the properties and design of the textiles as well as cost, construction and durability.

      Clothing is needed for many reasons, but the three main reasons are, for protection against the elements, concealing our body for modesty purposes and lastly as a means of identification and social attraction. Human standards of decency changes along with the fashion and are likely to vary from culture to culture. This is due to the social practices, religion and traditions of the particular culture. The standards of clothing we wear can also change depending on a situation, location or time of day. Clothing in one situation that would be acceptable may not be acceptable in a completely different situation. Our society today is engrossed with body image and is not always pleased with the natural state of their own body and so use clothing as a means of altering the way we look and fashion is how we do that.

      The way we dress is an expression of who we are and an insight into our lifestyle and is sometimes represented in the fashions we follow. Fashion is a style of clothing in which society believe is attractive and may change from one season to the next, whether the fashion be practical to why we wear clothing or not. Fashions change because our culture is always moving around and shifting. People are constantly changing physically and mentally and feel the desire for new things and just as we feel the need for new fashions, our individual tastes and requirements change with our age.

      In conclusion, clothing says a lot about us, our age, our personality, our status in society and the way we follow fashion trends.”

      Now my turn.
      I am saying that wearing clothes, for example saggin pants, skimpy outfit, little piece of cloth on skin, blingbling, etc…’can’ uncover inner thoughts, values, age group, trend, habits, personality traits, personal memories, state of mind, etc…

      To say that your clothes reflect your personality, status or What you wear is What you are is not true. I don’t concur to that.

      if i, a good citizen of the land, decide to go one day on a party and dress real hot, will my clothes say that i am a b**** ?

      or If go and hang with the boys with their sagged pants, will that make ’em and me uneducated, stupids and idiots?

      so what about a teenage girl who went to serious emotional, psychological trauma with an incestuous step-father or father; the way she expresses herself, or trying to draw attention is by dressing with long sagged clothes, rebellious behavior, etc… Does it make her a slut?a good for nothing? a bad girl?

      Same thing for the young men whose single mothers used to be abused repeatedly by their companion. Their father.This broken home, destroyed kids will have a detrimental way or not, to express their resentment, anger, rage, freedom of expression.. Will it be by becoming a ‘bad boy?, drug, violence, sagged pant, etc.. so What then?

      what about the ex-con? will he/she wears sagged pants because of …habits? so what will people say? will they say “bad people! or outcast of society!”??

      Are we interested in people?Do we know people’s lives??
      How can WE, and Who are We to make assumptions, finger pointing, conclusions? This is unfair, cheap and selfish?
      So i am asking, if sagging pant is worst than committing fraud/swindling innocent ones from a trusted bank?human trafficking like these money makers who travel to Asia for child prostitution??? women and children slavery?incest from parent, relative? or a father kidnapping his own child for 19 years in Austria, and put her in the house’s basement and repeatedly raped her and gave her 7 children?

      So what the meaning of having ones’ pant sagged and what not? the answer can be found in Matthiew 7:1,2 : “Judge not, lest ye be judged, for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.”

      and in John 8:1 :”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.
      For those who don’t know the content of that Biblical reference,Scribes and Pharisees caught an aldulteress.They went to Jesus and said that she deserved to be stoned according the Mosaic Law?

      I am not arguing with what is wrong or right, but i am arguing the execution and condemnation of our brothers.
      I am saying that since the debate is about saggin pants, let the sagged pants owners be their own judge, let their conscience guide them.

      So, Let us not be judges of behavior, nor shame our brethren or sistren by discerning , analyzing, reporting their values, ethics, morals, etc…but helpers, character builders, tolerant, understanding, patient, and more importantly loving.

      One Peace. One Blood.One Love.

    42. you are worried about being called ignorant when you use the word, “faggot”… seriously, you don’t want to be called a “nigger, so please, don’t use that word and also, please, try and use propper english when writing and talking, that also makes our race look like ass’s. So, so many blacks think it’s “acting white” to talk propper english, no wonder we’re in the mess we’re in. then you all and go and blame the white man, it’s called, ACCOUNTABILITY!

      1. Exactly Shawn Your Correct Many Blacks Actually Believes That When Another Black Child Is Speaking Proper English It Is Always A Negative Comment From Another Black Child Either Its Laughing At Them Or Just Straight-Up Making Fun Of Them…!

    43. thanks alot for the tips we all have to stand up and be counted in this generation.people call us all sorts of name,the media has not done us any good. we are black and God made us unique.we should not make peolpe think negative of us.i am proud of my skin cos it cannot be bougth in the market no matter your wealth and position.even the white want to be like fellow blacks, lets arise and change this ugly trend!

    44. ya ur rite abt saggin and all tht but if they dnt wanna see the bigger picture and wat it really means thats their own problem dnt try to put it in their minds to do rite because they’ll learn sooner or later…

    45. Here’s a clue. Your gov carried out the 9/11 attacks but you sit here whining about how low someone’s beltline is…well if saggin pants = huge disgrace what does our own government massacring 3,000 of its own people equal?

    46. excellent put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should proceed your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

    47. Yea, I get so angry when I see not only young black boys wear their trousers hanging down – showing their shorts underneath, but when white boys follow. Don’t they realise that this shows a lack of respect they have for themselves? Why are they not being told this by their girlfriends, Mums .. etc. It is ‘slackness’, usually matched by a slckness in attitude and a lack of progression in life. Why does it seem as if these negative attitudes are always encouraged by black boys? Where are the Fathers to provide Love, Self-confidence and Discipline to teh young boys? Also, why are these young girls so easily falling pregnant to these slack boys? Here in the UK, we have the highest teenage girl pregnancy rate in Europe. But nothing seems to be done about it, so the tren will continue – kids raising kids. Surely, the world has to end soon. How much more slackness on the streets can we all take??

      1. At IAS Out Of Any Other Comment Your Comment Is Just Mind-Blowing And I Strongly Agree BTW This Should Be Posted In The Newspaper…!

    48. What a shame the word ‘saggin’ is in the Urban dictionary. How is education to be won if black people actually believe that this nonsense should be perpectuated by black adults in the lives our our young black children. Don’t they deserve better?!!

    49. Honestly Im A Black Child Myself I Agree With The Article Except The F
      act That They Stated That They Would Like To Teach Us Black Children, But Yet They Are The Ones Why This Problem Continues To Proceed On Too The Next Level , So Some Great Advice Is To BE A LEADER!……..! (By: Cartonise)

      1. Hi all, I am a 27 yr old black man. I like the message that the author is trying to send. Pulling up your pants/dressing properly will change our own self image and how the world conveys us. I don’t agree with how she tries to get the message across. First why do we as a people care so much of what the world thinks of us. We have to make internal changes before we make external changes. I agree with Precious what does clothing really prove. Get the kids from in front of the t.v. and off the laptops, watch what music your child listens to, be a role model to these younger generation instead of always telling them what they are doing wrong. If the media and the world does not support the black family then why do we care so much what they think. We are not White/Caucasian we are African American. So why are we continuing to water down our own culture that makes us unique!

        1. As a black man, when I see my black young boy’s – even men, ‘saggin’ – as they call it, the word that immediately springs to my mind is ‘slackin!’

          The fact is, as black people, we have learned that our Children have to be conditioned better than our counterparts if they are to win the race. If ones Child is walking on the street with their trousers hanging down – shoing their boxers, how on earth can anybody take this person seriously, or to be intellectually sound!

          Though, many times it’s the lack of a good and positive father-figure that will ultimately be the driving force for a young man, that is missing in many black families – even white families these days.

          The fact is, society as a whole is suffering Neglect by our decision-makers! Yes, family life starts at home, however, it’s the ‘family’ that is suffering in these modern time. While in our communities we are seeing a recycling of poor behaviour, weak education and a failure to kick-start Upward Social Mobility, and this is from the single teenage Mother – a Mother who has many Children, and it becomes the way of life for many of them – secured and reliant on Welfare Benefit. The outcome for the Child is often more challenging – as a direct result of this.

          Children need Inspiration and Motivation in their families, or in the communities. Without this from a Mother or a Father-figure, how does a young boy become encouraged, positively different so that he stands out far away all that is bad, wrong, negative and limboid in our communities. Yes, it is a challenge! Yes, it is about the choices that young women make about their men – boyfriends! Yes, is it about Change!

    50. SAGGIN = SWAG, I swear ya’ll people who hate saggin are in your 40s.
      Live your life if your still young…. sadly most of the girls like bad boys ❤ accept the truth old farts

    51. what a bunch of fools, Black people waste their time on such shit, get out there and help fix the problem AND STOP LAYING BLAME ON OTHERS, NOT ONLY BLACK PEOPLE WERE ENSLAVED

    52. Very interesting and informative. Please keep up the good work. If your message can change one person, it has the potential to change millions.

      1. Yes, a message of Negativity and a Lack of respect for oneself.

        That’s all what these youths are doing and showing. Unfortuantely, if also reflects their POOR attitudes too. How on earth can Mother, father and sister’s tolerate such a ‘slackness??’

        You tell me ‘why any intelligent Child or adult in the community would want to de-value themselves in this WEAK way?? IT’S A SHAME!!!



        Surely, we can do better??

        WHAT’S GOING ON??!!!

    53. Sagging pants originated from prison? Thats a true lie. You see sagging pants is a poor boy thing. Two brothers with small length differ had to go to school. But than one day the oldest brother could not fit in his own pant any more. So he uses the one of his little brother. Matter of fact this still happening in the 3world country. I have to admit mine big brother wear my pant in number of occations in the 70s. And he is not a homosesual.
      WHAT’S GOING ON? if lie becomes the 21th true iam in!

    54. I work in a prison, it is what that means, and they get in trouble for it also. Its ridiculous, and you just look sloppy and you look like you just dont have any respect for yourself period. All it is , is just a act of rebellion, people that dont want to be disciplined and want to be out of order and cause trouble. Thats all it is. Just ridiculous. Get it together and pull them up. In this life without authority and rules, this world would be in shambles, it would be crazy. These are people , that just dont like order basically, and they want attention and wanna buck the system all the time. Just trouble makers and they like to get attention. Need to be more positive and get attention in a good way . Definately, not in that way. Wake up kids! God bless and many prayers for them.

    55. SHUT THE FUCK UP! If you take offense to the term then you’re fucking ignorant. In which case you deserve the meaning you put to it. I’m white I sag, so fucking what. It has nothing to do with race you just crave attention.

    56. to stop these ignorant blacks from sagging
      you would have to pass a law. but it is not important enough
      to the politicians. they want to project that image of all black people

    57. I realize this is old post but had to come in to correct you on some things.

      Saggin may spell Niggas backwards but the correlation is coincidence. It’s simply the verb of Sag.

      Blacks popularized saggin… Straight up No. It was first popularized by Marky Mark in a Calvin Klein ad. Blacks took the Sag fashion which simply was a way to show the brand band on underwear to the extreme is all.

      I don’t know what prison you visited but they don’t sag in prison. It’s not allowed or allowed to the extreme.

      Yes, it does have a Gay meaning, saggin your pants past your butt cheeks was taken over by the gays decades ago, just as they took wearing an earring in a particular eat as the tickets did to signify being gay, saggin to mean you are a “catcher”.
      There are “Pitchers” and “Catchers” in the gay community. Guess which is which… it doesn’t take much imagination.
      So… whether the Blacks or wanna be blacks know it or not, saggin your pants so low actually is telling the world you are gay, a catcher, and ready and willing to take it to the ass.
      Now you know… They say the clothes define the man… and yes even saggin does. Wanna sag to tell the world your a catcher… well…
      To each his own as they say.

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