Fear Spreads through Tennessee

The Republicans are nervous about the upcoming election. The Republicans are scared enough to pull out the full-proof, always effective tactics. It has been documented throughout history; the handbook has been handed down since the beginning of the American republic.

Harold Ford Jr. is running for the Tennessee Senate position, the National Republican party has produce the commercial below. Sometimes the terrorist that we should fear the most is ourselves, our own government, the Republican Party. Let not fear, or the threat of unfounded fear be your decision maker in the up coming elections.

Chapter 1 – Present your candidate, platform and views (if that does not work, go to Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 – Appeal to the conscious of continuing the current regime theme “Stay The Course” (if that does not work, go to Chapter 3)

Chapter 3 – “Divide and Concur” Exaggerate your opponent’s record (if that does not work, go to Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 – Become a Terrorist

Terrorism, the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change.

Terrorists attempt not only to sow panic but also to undermine confidence in the government and political leadership of their target country. Terrorism is therefore designed to have psychological effects that reach far beyond its impact on the immediate victims or object of an attack. Terrorists mean to frighten and thereby intimidate a wider audience, such as a rival ethnic or religious group, an entire country and its political leadership, or the international community as a whole.

Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopedia 2005 © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The commercial being run in Tennessee:

The rebuttal to the commercial:

Mid-term elections November 7th!!!


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