Terror Inside the Borders – “Habeas Corpus”

To continue on the theme of “Terror” and “Terrorist”,
Keith Olberman of MSNBC seems to be trumpeting the voice of the liberal media to counter the madness and spin doctors of the Republican Party.  Olbermann’s frequent rants on the Bush administration have more of a ring of “Fair and Balanced”, more so than the slogan carrying Fox News; the quaff of the Republican political majority.



The Bush Administration’s repeal of “Habeas Corpus”, the “Patriot Act” and other policies has eroded the fundamentals of the American civil liberties established over 200 years ago.  The recently signed “Military Commissions Act 2006” does away with “Habeas Corpus”; the rights against imprisonment without charge, and trail without defense, further it allows the CIA to use aggressive interrogation techniques (notice the root word “terror”) as long as it does not cause serious mental or physical pain.



The basis for all of this, we are at WAR against a new enemy.  The World Trade Centers fall on 9/11 over 3,000 killed.  We know that Osama is responsible; we send 10,000 troops to capture him.  We think that Saddam Hussein has WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) we send in over 300,000 troops, more than 3,000 soldiers killed or injured, body count continues moving upward.  Neither the US nor anybody else in the world finds any WMDs’.  The Republican Congress majority and the Supreme Court revises, and assaults the Constitution for the Bush Administration; 300,000,000 US citizens harmed!



The terror is inside our own borders!  Pay attention to history, vote, so that you have a representative voice.  You don’t always have to agree with congress, but there needs to be a “Fair and Balanced” approach to the justification of modifying the constitutional basis of our society. What is your definition of “an unlawful enemy combatant”?  This is the key term, “an unlawful enemy combatant” ambiguous enough; you get that label slapped on you and you can kiss your ass goodbye; you may never be heard from again.  Anybody seen Manuel Noriega lately?



Renaissance or Revolution you choose; but something gotta change for the masses, and this is not what I had in mind!




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