Tic-Tac, Kill That Dragon

I do not need a breathe mint, but politics these days does.  They spend so much time talking that their breaths are hot, tangy and funky, all in our faces and on our airways.  What’s up with the preoccupation of slinging mud and dirt on your opponent, why?  Do issues matter, or is it just a popularity contest?  Most folks think that all politicians are the same; rich white guys (or folks that act like), talking about how one another got rich using government money or government influence to make themselves more money.  American politics; the real dean of thieves, crooks and perverts; our chosen representatives; the oxymoron of the day.  You probably would not leave them alone with your children without supervision, but you will send them to
Washington to make the laws that govern our society.

Some where between 2nd and 5th Grades most of us stop playing Tic-Tac-Toe because it is so predictable, politic doesn’t have to be.  The mid-term elections are very important; take the time to see where the candidates stand on the issues and what their actions say, not their lips.  You can figure out who you want to vote for on your way to the polls.

We need a breathe of fresh air; politics needs a box of Tic-Tac!!





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