Lessons Learned – Emotions Cloud The Issues

Harold Ford Jr. was up big in the polls 3 weeks ago, in his race to be the first African America Senator elected since reconstruction from the state of Tennessee.  The commercial produced by the RNC, with the White Girl saying “call me” aired and the polls have swung by about 15% points in the other direction. 

The Republicans play up to every possible stereotype that it could on the borderline slander in the commercial and Ford takes a beating in the public eye.  Now it is questioned if the polls that say that blacks will vote for Ford, which gave Ford the early lead and have the race being a toss-up, will the blacks actually show up on Election Day to vote.  The negative ads have assured that whites who were not interested in the election will definitely show up and vote against Ford. The negative voices of racism win again if Ford does not win the election.  The play book does not change; if the “Willie Lynch” approach still works after 300 years, it may not be that “Willie Lynch” was that bright, it may be that the one lesson that blacks in America have learned, is the one that does the most damage. The election is on Tuesday does anybody really care other than the Republicans?

It is said that “all politics are local”, so figure out what is important to you in your community, then go vote on the issues and for the candidate who will best move your views forward. There are local issues like:

  • The more than 300,000 troops in Baghdad, Afghanistan and other places
  • The growing deficit fueled by an extended war
  • No answer to the Social Security Trust Fund deficit with an aging population
  • The housing market bubble bursting (biggest asset, accounts for more that 60% wealth for most Americans), foreclosures at the highest level in 2 decades
  • Real wages have declined during the Bush AdministrationHealth costs rising faster than wages
  • Energy costs remain at nearly double of what it was when Bush came into office 

I have a few things to say but not a lot to say about any one thing.  How do you connect the dots?  There is a gorge between what we recognize and what we respond to.  The blogs’ that are controversial or racially slanted seem to get the most attention.  In part, you want the attention; but at what price.  So, do I have to be a screaming idiot to get folks to read?  This forum, this platform, the written word in public view is more significant than the momentary entertainment. 




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