Jordan Foundation – Intern Graduates

Congratulations go to Michael  Jordan,  The Jordan Foundation intern,  completing studies at  Sandy Creek High School.    Michael has worked with community outreach projects  to include: Pyramid Chapter ABWA program (May, 2005); Community  Fair- Creel Park (September, 2005); WATC-TV 57  Atlanta Live  interview  September, 2005; Turning Point Group Home seminar  (July, 2005)  and  project assistant for the 2005 Golf Tournament fundraiser (September, 2005).  Jordan‘s future plans are to pursue a business  career. 

The Jordan Foundation is committed to influencing and developing the lives of youth by providing them with the cognitive, social, physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual developmental assets needed to become successful adults.  This is accomplished through developmental programs, youth scholarships, and community activities.

Our vision is to become a leading organization in youth development by instilling the assets needed by youth to become contributing and responsible adults.



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