Good Hood, Good Cigars, Good Cause

I was there for work, pleasure and support.  I spent part of my evening at a gathering of men, its not that women were not invited.  Testosterone vexed, pseudo-locker room atmosphere of men who could have been other places, but chooses to be at the Cigar Merchant.  It’s a cigar shop, which was raising money for Mikey, a staffer that recently had a heart attack.  These men care for a man that they know in passing; who is going through tough times, health and financial.  Cigars are a status and luxury item, good friends are a blessing. 

The guys that purchase cigars at this store have a little club house on the back side of the store.The club house is visible when you walk in the front door and all customers are welcome.  When you walk between the doors make sure that you have thick skin.  The smoked filled room, leather couches, card tables is filled with cocky silver haired winners.  Winners in life, who carry success like a badge.  These guys buy their favorite cigars at the Cigar Merchant, but they belong to a community of men that care about each other.  This is a hood and they have “HoodRats”.  These men care about each others well being and enjoy each others company.  More hoods should be so Cigar Merchantloving, caring, friendly and giving.  If you like good people and good cigars you should go by join the conversation, join the hood.

The Cigar Merchant

Owner – Scott Bailey
Roswell, Georgia (770) 642-1221 

Look for articles on the store and cigars in the Digital Hood at 


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