Milwaukee Hip Hop on Steroids

Connect DVD - Volume 2

Hip Hop is supposed to be about this new generation of lifestyle, life expectation if that ain’t real for you, then get on the juice. Hip Hop still has many young men trying to get attention, life in a fishbowl. Some cats in Milwaukee are doing their part to get attention for the life and lifestyle. WOA Enterprises is releasing Volume 4 of The Connect DVD series. Straight from the streets of the “Mil” – “Mil Will”. Money, rims and hoes, it don’t matter the zip code. The clamor about Atlanta being hot, down south getting all the attention, New York and Cali on freeze, the Mil is for real.

Each volume has brought you some hot new shit that you did not know you could find anywhere especially in Milwaukee. For anyone not in the area that did know; Volume 1 brought the classic battle between Young Greedy and Frost (You Can’t Do What I Do), Volume 2 – You Know the Drill, Volume 3 – Ghetto Names (find clips at: Connect DVD on NottHeads or Videos on NottHeads). I was turned on to Connect DVD by some friends visiting the ATL and couldn’t get enough. I never knew the Mil had it going on like that, cause all we ever see is what folks want us to see. There are lots of young guys out there that have some real talent, great beats and things to say which is not only entertaining but often contains a serious message.

One lesson learned from this is that we can create our own opportunities for marketing, distribution, and promotion but you better make sure that you got buzz in your local community. Put your stuff on steroids to blow it up, then go push your product in other markets. If you got talent and skills you will be able to compete anywhere. I hope these guys make it, cause they got some talent. Put your local stuff on STEROIDS.



11 thoughts on “Milwaukee Hip Hop on Steroids

  1. Dont forget they got acts like Reesco, Rico love, Scottie Knoxx, Jr Da Supa Star & Streetz & Young Deuces, all who have gotten deals, have deals or just doing it major. I Know for a fact Streetz & Young Deuces, Rico Love & JR Da Supastar got deals with major labels….ohh and the one dude on Atlantic Recors….Baby Drew, the Mill is hot!!!!

  2. CORE DJS present…Streetz & Young Deuces – Money Marathon (Hosted By Dj Heathen)

    “Money Marathon”

    Money Marathon Tracklist

    1 – Money Marathon Intro
    2 – Dj Heathen’s Intro (Produced By Jr Rotem)
    3 – Ima Get Money (Produced By Nitti)
    4 – 3’s Up, 3’s Down feat. Tone Da One
    5 – System Go Wham! (Produced By Jermaine Dupri)
    6 – Ugghh!!! (This Gone Be Nasty) (Produced by 2Much of BTP)
    7 – Grind Hard feat. Astro (Produced By Jaywan)
    8 – U-Mad? (Produced By Jaywan)
    9 – Dial Tone (Midwest Remix) feat. $park Dawg (Produced By Noki Swazay)
    10 – Money Main (Produced By Lil Jon)
    11 – Cause I Can (Remix) feat. JR Da Superstar (Produced By Astro Da Kid)
    12 – Over Here fear. Shay-K (Produced By Astro Da Kid)
    13 – Play My Shit (Produced By Jaywan)
    14 – Polow Da Don Drop
    15 – Blockstar (Produced By EQuiKnockZ Productions)
    16 – Ride Wit Ya Boy (Produced By Jaywan)
    17 – I Love You Pt. 2 (Produced By Frontline Productions)
    18 – Dj Heathen Speaks
    19 – Roll Dem Trees Up (Produced By 2Toxic)
    20 – Stat Quo Drop
    21 – Out My Way (Produced By Dr. Dre)
    22 – Record Execz
    23 – Money On Deck (Money Marathon) (Produced By Speakerbox)
    24 – I Get Money (Produced By Apex Productions)
    25 – Professional (Produced By Jaywan)
    26 – For Tonight (Produced By Jaywan)

  3. Thats was up!!!!………Come check Milwaukee out!! New Milwaukee artists and/or songs featured every Friday……. This weeks line up Scott Knoxx, Brown, Bear G, Prodigy Records….. Talkin about Hip Hop on steroids…. These dudes got some bangers


    CRUNK ENERGY DRINK, EMP Entertainment & 2520 Clothing presents…

    “Streetz & Young Deuces”
    “Swagged Out Saturdays”

    Hosted By:
    (Jammin 98.3/Out The Gate Ent.)

    Saturday, July 12th @ The Phoenix Nite Club
    (6222 N. Fondu Lac Ave)
    Milwaukee, WI

    21 & Up
    Doors open @ 9 pm
    $10 all night

    Music by Dj Shon G


    Dress 2 Impress for the Swagged Out Contest!!!

    Special performance by Streetz & Young Deuces

    Footage for Streetz & Young Deuces “Nothin” VIDEO will be shot!!!


  5. Dante Lasalle and D. Allie are playing tonight (March 10th) at the High Bury in Milwaukee. Come out and see how Detroit Hip Hop gets down in the land of dope beer and custard.

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