The Piggyback Express needs some BCS Love

The Piggyback express can’t be easily dismissed.  Where is the love in the BCS Poll?  You have not heard about “The Piggyback Express”; repeat after me, “The Piggyback Express”: that would be the runningbacks of the Arkansas Razorbacks – McFadden, Jones and Smith, running towards the endzone.  If you are looking for a band wagon to jump on, jump on this one, there is room for all.  The offense has the best runningback trio in the nation, teamed with Monk at wide receiver; a rising star and touted as one of the best at his position, making this offense a nightmare to opposing Defensive Coordinators.

McFadden has punched his ticket for the Heisman Award ceremony.  He won’t win, one of the glamour boys at OSU or Notre Dame are the likely winner.  But, give Houston Nutt an award for recruiting: McFadden (sophomore), Jones (sophomore), Smith (redshirt – freshman).  McFadden has touchdowns rushing, passing and returning kicks.  Jones at one time led the nation in yards per carry, has touchdowns rushing and returning kicks.  Smith can’t get more carries because the two guys in front of him are doing so well, he is averaging over 7 yards per carry; how many other coaches would have him as a backup?  If you think that you only have to worry about
Arkansas running the ball, what do you do about Marcus Monk?

Monk statistics   

Stat Overview Receiving
2004 37 569 15.4 38 6
2005 35 476 13.6 55 7
2006 45 859 19.1 56 9



Who’s voting and who’s not watching the Arkansas Razorback football team to the point that they are rated only Number 6 in the BCS polls.  No one wants to play this team, Florida Gators know that there on a collision course with the Hogs, and the Hogs are hungry for respect.  Is there a hidden conspiracy to get see
Ohio State play either USC or Notre Dame?  Many thought that
Auburn was cheated out of a chance to play for the National Championship a few years ago, with a team the starred running backs Cadillac
Williams, Ronnie Brown and quarterback Jason Cambell.  Is there a SEC conspiracy? 
Michigan looses to
Ohio State and remains #2 in the BCS polls, if Notre Dame or USC wins the remainder of their games, the SEC Champion may not get a chance to play for the BCS Championship. 

Go Razorbacks!!!  Give this team some respect, and hope that your favorite team does not have to play them this year, because more than likely your favorite team would lose.



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