Hip Hop Economics – You Buyin

NottHead Rain

There is this message posted on the NottHeads – Digital Hood that I found interesting, but yet on some level offensive, so I replied. Did I take this wrong, did I go off when it was not necessary?

Subject: Buy it

Author: The FanNow, we have reached a point where we can all get albums or music of our favorite artist by just going to a computer and searching countless files downloading it, and then putting it to a cd that we have forgotten why we consider those artist our favorite: “they made a cd that they wanted you to buy”. I will admit that I have countless cd’s that were unofficial but I also have countless cd’s that are not. Yes, the music industry is a game of numbers and politics and even though your favorite artist may only see .03 cents from each sale, support them for making the type of music that you want to listen to. Even if you only like 1 song out of 20 tracks, support what they are trying to do. All my artists out there now exactly what I’m talking about when I say you love to know that someone wants to give you total support and is not just a yes man to what you do, real talk.

What I See
What I See

Buy, why should you even consider buying music that is made and produced and originates from people like you? Your age, your skin color, similar life experiences, why buy? Take a look in the around; look in the mirror, just pause right where you are and consider what percentage of the things that you have and buy come from people that look like you? Well if your skin is dark, like mine; you hair has a tendency to curl and kink, like mine; then, you may notice that nothing that you own or buy comes originates from your people; that makes you a consumer, void of wealth.

Economic principle 101: you have to own and keep something to have wealth!

Why does Hip Hop leave the tag on hats, clothes and other things? Why is Hip Hip so enamored with labels of expensive things? Hip Hop made Tommy H. rich; Hip Hop is all over MySpace which recently sold for $580 million (two white guys in a garage started it), YouTube $1.65 Billion (Oprah money); , Jacob-the Jeweler keeps us icy (Jacob in Hebrew means the grabber).

I give thanks for many things large and small; take time to remember love, family, friends, health and hope during the holidays. I don’t have much money, but I thank God that I got some damn sense!

Economic principle 102: It’s not what you make it’s what you keep; wealth is like a good name; it can be passed to those that follow and not loose value.

So buy, produce, and grow! Make sure that Hip Hop is more than a fad or fashion; make it have meaning and a reason, and make it last in your name for more than a season.

Stop getting played like everybody in the Hip Hop game got large money. Stop playing like every rapper had to sell drugs to survive. Start investing in your own communities, with folks that look like you, teach the shorties comin up how to make clean money and grow wealth.

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2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Economics – You Buyin

  1. sorry but myspace wasnt started by two white huys in a garage, it was started by a corporation and had a lot of funding thrown into it

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