Espresso with no cream – The Piggyback Express

The Piggyback Express did its thing as usually, both McFadden and Jones had over 100 yards on the ground.  The outside chance for the Razorbacks to play in the BCS Championship is gone and a quickly distancing memory.  Saturday, the Florida Gators will be on the field, the winner gets the SEC Champion tag and a BCS bowl.  A BCS Bowl game, after your financial gift to the conference could net your program $4.5 million.  The no cream, cream rises to the top, and there were lots of missing parts in this defeat at the hands of LSU. 

Espresso, that richer blend of concentrated coffee, power packed and caffeinated, that’s what you get with The Piggyback Express, but without the cream it’s still a special team, not a championship team.  It has been a great year for the Razorbacks, but bring the cream to go with the Espresso when facing the Gators.


Rushing Statistics

Darren McFadden 244 1485 6.1 80(TD) 14
Felix Jones 127 961 7.6 85(TD) 4
Michael Smith 35 247 7.1 27 3

Go Razorbacks 



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