Mike Vick does “The Dirty Bird”




Mike Vick
Mick Vick - Atlanta Falcons

Mick Vick release of “The Dirt Bird” postponed!!







One thought on “Mike Vick does “The Dirty Bird”

  1. Yes, I am quite tardy, but I still wanted to speak on this. Yes, Michael Vick (with his foine self) blew a gasket. And, yes, we all wish we had control of our own passions on a 24/7/365 basis, but we don’t. And, yes, he is just a man (in the “not Jesus” sense). If we could let fly the unsavory thoughts that sometime threaten to consume us in our daily grind, we, too, would do so (and some of us have, do and will continue to–but that is another story). Michael Vick is in a position where he did and he could without it being hit with a “customer mistreat”, “violation of the business code of conduct” or “customer abuse” all of which in most jobs will get you the business end of “disciplinary action leading up to and including termination.” Michael Vick can pay the penalty and financially won’t suffer (much if at all). Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us could be in a situation like that and get a BYE? Yes. Are we? No. Finally, yes, “fan” is short for “fanatic” and these fans need to check themselves and get over themselves. Fans are important, but a ticket to the game does not give you the right to badger, heckle or berate players or anyone else for that matter. If that is free speech, then why is Michael Vick in the spotlight for exercising his? You get what you give. It was a fair exchange.

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