Freestyle Battle: Young Greedy vs Frost

nottheads-black-stamp.jpgThis is an old school battle, back to the origins of Hip Hop; a classic. If you thought that New York or Atlanta was the only place to get the vibe from the street, then don’t miss out on The Connect DVD collections. The freestyle battle between Young Greedy and Frost is one to remember. CLASSIC!!!! Young Greedy with his balls in his hand thinks that he has the skills to battle anybody in Milwaukee. Frost in his own hood takes this pilgrim on. This is two rounds of verbal heavy blows.






If the words are not hyped enough Frost, throws the old baseball change-up, takes the beat out, spits “a cappella”, (solo, no music) just his voice as the tool to carry the audience. If Young Greedy was feeling helpless after Round 1, he must be wondering, who the hell put me up to this, or I should stick to my own neighborhood?? Hold up wait a minute, then he brings the beat back on time; all Young Greedy can do is smile to keep from cryin on camera!



Thank you to The Connect DVD for this fresh look at the Milwaukee underground. You can see more clips from the first 3 volumes of the WOA Enterprise series at





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