Tallahassee JumpOff – IsReal Radio


Why wait for someone else to do for you if you don’t like your options.  IsReal – Program Director for IsReal Radio (http://www.live365.com/stations/suhnstar), member of Soul Plantation; is developing a platform for artists in the Tallahassee area.  His preferences do not include commercial radio; and some extensions of Hip Hop.  It’s not that he is negative on music, he just prefers Neo-Soul, spoken word and Hip Hop with a message to go along with the beats.  To fulfill his own interests, he started IsReal Radio station and is hosting local showcase parties.


IsReal - Chocolateville Radio flyer


The JumpOff – Tallahassee – IsReal and Chocolateville Radio are putting on their second showcase party December 8th.  Good music, good entertainment and big fun are what you can expect at the showcases.  Their first collaboration was on the weekend of FAMU’s Homecoming.  To be expected, there were some production and technical glitches, for sure, first time out the box and all.  Undaunted with the minor glitches, the second show will happen on December 8th.  IsReal is committed to continuing to do shows every 4 to 6 weeks as long as people keep showing up.


IsReal Radio spins tracks from Tallahassee artists like: Soul Plantation, Dead Broke Records, LabRatz, Alabama Black, Black Berry and others.  The number of listeners to IsReal Radio would not get noticed by the commercial stations, that doesn’t matter much to him.  As a young artist and producer he likes what he likes; the efforts of IsReal Radio, Soul Plantation should be applauded and encouraged.  More folks should take the initiative to create personal platforms of expression, not because they want to buck the system, but out of a need to freely express.  Make it good enough to put your name on it, proudly!!  Let it do what it do; IsReal Radio a Tallahassee Jump Off.  Listen to the station (IsReal Radio at Live 365); in Tallahassee go to showcases, and if you communicate with him, give him big-ups.


Renaissance and revolution are both about changes for the masses, you choose!




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