Art of War – Milwaukee Freestyle Battle (Part1)

Battle- Young Greedy- FrostArt of War –
Milwaukee Freestyle Battle 1


Freestyle Battle:  Young Greedy vs. Frost


They call it a battle because it is a subset of war, a component of the larger struggle.  I want to examine and analyze a classic Hip Hop Freestyle Battle.  We have all heard stories about how these battles can get personal and resort to acts of violence.  This is not recess at daycare, it man vs. man, pride, respect, hood cred.  Man vs. Man, put you skils up, and get ready for a verbal beat down.  No need to battle if you don’t have a crowd.  The freestyle battle is always subject to opinion, but the audience will take sides.

For analysis, I want to use the battle from The Connect DVD –Young Greedy vs. Frost.  The battle was 2 rounds, the setting
Milwaukee; lights camera, action!  The analysis will be done in parts examining strategy, content, effectiveness, and determining a winner.  I would like the readers to chime in on what they think and see in my analysis.  What should be the criteria for determining a winner?  My opinion and analysis are not the only things that matter, I am open to changing, but prove it, back your comments up with some substance.  Wars and battles have been written about since the pencil and paper.  For as many chronicled battles, there are just as many strategies, some strategies work better on paper than they do on the battle field.  A battle strategy should be associated with what you bring with you to the battle.


Prelude to War:

The Connect DVD staff was rolling with their camera, and caught up with a local legend Young Greedy and asked him to drop a few lines for the audience, see The Connect DVD Volume 1 – Up Next.



The entire battle clip is available in the blog – Freestyle Battle: Young Greedy vs. Frost



So you throw down in front of your crew and on camera, so your feeling good now.  You got your balls in your hand, ready to take on anybody in the city with your lyrical skills.  One of the staffers from The Connect DVD crew knows this cat name Frost who says he is the best in the Mil, they ask Young Greedy, “you want to battle that dude”?  The set up!


What should Young Greedy have done?

Was Frost called in advance, was Frost already on the production schedule for video footage that day?

Who are theose two dudes in the background, what you taking with you to this battle?

Does Frost know who the battle will be against?


Let me know what you think, stay tuned for Part 2. 




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