Art of War – Milwaukee Battle (Round 1)

Art of War – Milwaukee Freestyle Battle Battle:

The Connect DVD
The Connect DVD

Young Greedy vs. Frost

Round 1 Analysis

The reason for battling is to establish some superiority, and street credibility. The other reasons have to do with having time on your hands and practice for a bigger stage.  In urban neighborhoods playing “The Dozens” has always been in vogue. If you’re from the hood you start playing the “Yo Momma” game in Elementary School.  Testing ground for you lyrical skills, and a show of testosterone; if you can’t tell a joke you better be able to fight, and if you can fight, damn what they say about you, they better not let you hear it; or a beat down will come your way. There are no losers in this battle, but a winner has to be selected. This battle is selected for analysis because of the talent on display by Young Greedy and Frost. This was a two round freestyle battle.  How do you get points and determine a winner? There is no particular formula but the following needs to be considered:

  • can you move the crowd
  • showmanship and stage presence
  • lyrical content and flow 


When Record Label A&R’s look for new talent, they want to see and hear the cash register ring every time they look at you.  What do you think the criteria should be and how do you judge a freestyle battle?  The bottom line has to do with entertainment value, did it get your attention and would you pay to see this performance again and again!

Young Greedy

  • If you are going to war, then bring an army not cheerleaders (Murda Mook – Harlem, NYof “Smack” fame always brings a bus load of fans from the hood as a built in hype squad)
  • Young Greedy brings a weak crew with him to someone else’s home turfThe visitor went first has a built in audience of 2, not very vocal
  • The first lines were directed at Frost, attack the head
  • As Young Greedy verbally assaulted Frost; Frost does not stand still, making Frost a moving target
  • While he referenced Frost; Young Greedy was not looking at Frost and played to the camera, good move on the part of Young Greedy
  • Frost never stood still, moving in and out of center frame to try to divert some of Young Greedy’s attention away from the camera
  • Young Greedy never verbally took his foot off the neck of Frost, strong flow with heavy lyrical content 


  • Frost hops in when he has finished his cigarette and Greedy starts to slow down
  • Frost presumes the physically dominant posture by moving in close and touching Greedy’s shirt
  • Greedy stands there and crosses his arms, frighten or passive
  • Home boy steps through to get some face time, then realizes that there is a battle going on, jumps in to give Frost a beat 

The Connect DVD
The Connect DVD

Body Language

A significant cluster of body movements are all about closing. This is sometimes misinterpreted solely as indicating defensiveness.

Language of closure

Closure literally closes the body up. It may range from a slight bringing together of the limbs to curled up into a tight ball. 

Reasons for closing

There can be several reasons for closed body language. This is one reason why reading body language can be hazardous and you should take into account other factors. In particular look for the transition when the body closes and the triggers that may have caused this change.


When we feel threatened, our body language becomes defensive. We use closure to place the barriers of our arms and legs across in front of us to defend ourselves from attack. When we close, we also make our body smaller, reducing the size of the target. When we tuck our chin down, we are protecting the exposed throat.We also may be signaling to the other person that we are not a threat to them. Thus the held-in arms shows that we are not attacking and looking away from them removes aggressive staring. 

 Let me know what you think and how you would rate the participants of this battle.  Stay tune for the analysis of Round 2.



3 thoughts on “Art of War – Milwaukee Battle (Round 1)

  1. to be honest both of the young gentlemen were good i just feel that it should have been another battle to see who was gona come back harder

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