Escape to another world

Dive 1
S & W Dive Adventures

Belize: Feb 17-24, 2007

Experience the magic and adventure of Belize! Dive the second largest barrier ref in the world, hike through the jungle to a volcano, or just relax on the beach.

Schedule of Future Adventures:

  • bzshores_detail_horiz_01.jpgbzshores_detail_horiz_02.jpgbzshores_detail_horiz_03.jpgBelizean Adventure Winter Escape 2/17-2/24/07
  • Belizean Blowout Spring Break Adventure 4/14-4/21/07. Includes 5 days at Isla Marisol on Glover’s Reef to dive with the Whale Sharks!
  • Palau/Yap – Finally The Ultimate Dive Getaway! 5/21-5/31/07 (tentative dates)

    Belize scuba diving
  • Belizean Adventure Summer Kickoff 6/19–6/28/07
  • Mid Summer Meltdown Adventure at Anthony’s Keys on Roatan 7/21–7/28/07
  • Belizean Is It Hot Enough Adventure 8/4-8/11/07

    Fish Extravaganza
    Belize scuba diving
  • Before Going Back To School Adventure in Palau/Yap 8/20–8/30/07 (tentative dates)
  • Pirate Treasure Dive Adventure in the
    Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac to be exact) 10/20-10/27/07
  • Winter Meltdown Adventure in Palau/Yap 11/26-12/06/07 (tentative dates)

S & W Dive Adventures News
With our continuous searching we have uncovered a pristine new oasis off the coast of Southern Belize on Glover’s Reef called Isla Marisol. Located 42 miles east of southern Belize, Isla Marisol features world class diving, first class food and the customer service is second to none. Although the 12 acre island is very remote, you will not be short of things to occupy your time. Your accommodations are in beach front cabanas with the quaint creature comforts of home including air conditioning, but no radio and TV.


3 thoughts on “Escape to another world

  1. Yes,the scuba diving is one very interesting way to get off from the world which is surrounding us and to see the wonders of the sea and how organised the underwater world is.

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