Swallow or Gag – Line or Lie

NottHead RainI often ask for the opinions of the other gender when it comes to relationships.  I got the following reply in regards to willingness to swallow a hooks, line and sinker!!!



Southern Cutie Writes:

Are we (women) willing to believe anything to date or have a relationship?

When your mate tells you something and your first reaction is that it’s a lie, why do you try to convince yourself that what he’s said is true?  My friends say I’m gullible and wouldn’t know when a guy is simply feeding me a line.  There is part of me that really wants to believe that what I’m told is true.  But then there’s another deeper part that can tell when I’m being lied to.  So why do we choose to believe the lie?

Reasons to believe the lie:

  1. The truth hurts. (So do lies)
  2. If you challenge him, he’ll think you don’t trust him.
  3. It’s better than being by yourself
  4. Add your reason here.

As another year passes without any confirmed prospects for a life partner approaching me, I convinced myself that the little lies don’t matter.  So according to reason #3, dating someone is better than spending time alone.  So, I acknowledge to myself that the relationship is going nowhere, and choose to believe the lie.  After all, a relationship is based on trust.  How could I ever trust someone who would lie about the little things?  Don’t think you’re sparing my feelings when you lie.  Tell me the truth and let me choose to stay or go.  Otherwise I may leave the relationship (emotionally) and not bother to tell you.

One Woman’s View



A Man Perspective:

People will often times take the route of least resistance.  You do what you think works for your personal satisfaction.  Men do what they have to do to get your attention and keep it.  Respect should be given, trust has to be earned.  Respect what I tell you to be true, make up your mind as to what you will swallow once you know the truth!




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