Chocolate Soul -Tallahassee 1-27-07


Chocolate Soul 

Get ready for another soulful event brought to you by Chocolate Soul.  Chocolate Soul’s mission is to bring good music, good people, into a good environment.  On Saturday Jan 27th, you can be a part of the movement which is sweeping the Tallahassee area. 

The 3rd edition of Chocolate Soul will bring those searching for an alternative to the usual night scene, with some soulful flavor.  Previous events featured the likes of Da Truth, Jazz Hop, TerranceDarnell, Kendra Foster (backup singer for George Clinton), Lashaun Tribble, Jew’l, Dj 7 (brother of of dead prez), Isreal, Black on Black Rhyme Poets, Trooth,  Almond Joy, and S.I.A (soul interprets art) fashions and original artwork from Tasha Holmes. Set in the atmosphere of Amen-Ra’s Bookstore, nothing less than a memorable good time is expected.  ChocSoul1-27BOn the 27th there will be performances from Terrance Darnell, Kendra Foster, and others on the local Tallahassee music scene.  This isn’t just a party, but a positive event to bring all elements of the community into one place at one time.  You can get more than your fill of good music and dancing, so be there Jan 27th, doors open at 10pm. 

Join Chocolate Soul and get your party on For Real!!! 

For more info (or interested in performing) ,, , or call 407-421-5176 or850-294-0071


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