Obadiah Faded – The Story Teller

Soul Plantation cardFade – Soul Plantation 

What a man speaks, he becomes; what a man says, he gives life.  Fade from Soul Plantation gives us Obadiah, a retrospective tribute to The Story Teller.  This spoken word piece transitions biblical prophecy to a hip hop expression of the influence of one man words on a life searching for purpose.  Through a prophetic discussion, Obadiah reveals wisdom, clarity to ones place, purpose and future.  Fade describes such an encounter; his poetic flow delivers a perspective on a changing life.NottHead Rain

Fade says…“I egotistically replied you’re smart and started to depart from the situation, because this had never happened before.  A businessman talking to the common like Jehovah Witness knocking at the door!” 

These are not merely words, Fade merges music, and visual stimulation with compelling oration; images of his life – dark and rapidly moving in some places, bright and still in other places.  Obadiah, the biblical man of great character, scholar, and leadership, is the story teller.  Fade, a gifted young poet is the translator, seeking expression and understanding; his words “I thank God for that.”

View the video, and let me know what you think.






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