Can’t Touch This – Dance

The dances that are paralleled with the emergence of Hip Hop are captured in this clip from The Connect DVD -Volume 2.  From the dance floor at a club in Milwaukee, this dude does what he can to impress the ladies.  Take it back; do you remember the Crip Walk, the Doo Doo Brown?


  • Chicken Head – St. Louis, Missouri 2003

  • Harlem Shake – Harlem, New York 2001

  • Crip Walk – Los Angeles, California 1997

  • Doo Doo Brown – Miami, Florida 1993

Battle- Young Greedy- FrostYou do what you can when the bass hits your back.  I know that Milwaukee is not the Mecca of Hip Hop cultural trends; that designation goes to the likes of New York, LA, Miami, Houston and Atlanta; but BET still plays video, homeboy needs to stay current.  “You Got Served”!

The Connect DVD “keeping you plugged” is the tag line for this series of video magazines.  The Connect DVD producers always bring wit, humor and a real street vibe to their productions.



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