Kendra Foster at Chocolate Soul 4-21

Kendra Foster - album cover
Kendra Foster

Read the story Chocolate Delights for more information and videos from artists performing in Tallahassee.

Just announced!! Kendra Foster will be performing at Chocolate Soul on April 21 in Tallahassee. Kendra has recently been on tour with George Clinton and P-Funk, Kendra has a new album “myriadmorphonic by Kendra” that includes the hit single “This World”.

The performances are not limited to Kendra, also on stage will be:

  • Whitney Russell with Jazz Hopp
  • Ashanti – The Mad Violinist
  • Omoragita – LaShawn Tribble
  • PA from P-Cola
  • Jay-C Dead Broke Records
  • Artwork by Tasha Holmes
  • And others

Hosted by IsReal and Terrance Darnell. Read about Chocolate Soul on and visit his websites: and MySpace- Chocolateville


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