Neutered by censorship

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons

Is Imus out of the headlines yet? A lot of emotions got stirred up about 3 word phrase, that’s what most of the public remembers. The two minutes of conversation that included the phrase “nippy headed hos’; included words like “thug”, “Barbie’, “Jigaboos”, “WantToBees” (Spike Lee reference to School Days movie) provides a better context to why folks were asking for Imus to be fired; rendering Imus’ apologies lame. Imus through his choice of words and context evoked conscious and subconscious images portrayed as sarcastic comedy were harmful and inappropriate.

The discussion quickly reverses; Reverend Al Sharpton and Hip Hop go from the protagonist, to the incriminated. The collective group of activists, music and entertainment moguls responded with a call for a ban on the words: “ni***r”, “bi**h”, and “ho” from commercial radio, television and videos. Most of Hip Hop has some use of theses words offered up for banishment. While that was going on Rush Limbaugh produced and aired “Barack the Magic Negro”, a parity song by an actor imitating Reverend Al’s voice. Live by the words of morality, neutered by the same words.

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