The Chocolateville Chronicles ver 6.9

Chocolateville chroniclesChocolateville chronicles“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you..Without a strong rhyme to step to..Think of how many weak shows you slept through….Times up, sorry I kept you..”
from I Got Soul…Rakim circa 1988…

Greetings Chocolateville, Its been a minute since I hit you up. hope all is well. A lot has been going on since I last hit you. For starters the last Chocolate Soul was on point. A lot of people were blowing off steam from the spring semester and I was glad to see everybody having a good time. SEVEN, the best dj in the south created a tight mixtape that week along with myself and Izreal..We have a few copies left so if you need some good music you really need to ask about it. It features some of soul music’s best artists including Choklate, Common, Bilal, Darien Brokington, Aya, Res and so much more including new music from Seven and yours truly, Terrance Darnell.We stopped by Liberation’s radio show and put out the mixtape over the 90.5fm airwaves and got a lot of love. If you have not heard Liberation’s show STOP PLAYING! Mondays from 10pm to 1am..It is also available online and it’s off the meter! That’s all I have to say about that….I was in Dallas a few weeks ago for the I Got Soul music conference..It was outstanding..I had a great time meeting people and learning from some of the industry pioneers and insiders. Big shouts out to DJ Frances Jaye who put it together along with Ms. Erykah Badu, Anthony David, Choklate, Geno Young, Carmen Rodgers, Yahzarah (aka Purple St. James) Jodine Dorce, Fiona Bloom, Asya from, Kimberly Howell, Hasan Brown, D-Nice (moods music,atl) Donnie, Big Brooklyn Red, 9th Wonder, Emotion Brown, Jay Clipp, DJ Nimbus, Ashley Dawn, Applejac, Metaphysic, DJ Rahdu, Salah Anase, Terry Bello, Jason Orr, Melissa Young, David Herman and all of the other wonderful people I had a chance to meet.

The next week I was back in the A and had a chance to stop in on a myspace friend Malena Perez at a Moods Music cd signing. She was super cool and invited us to a performance that night. If you like house music you would have had a ball. I ran into Salah Anase who is a highly respected international dj along with Applejac and the legendary DJ Kemit. If you have heard these guys spin you know what I am talking about. Imagine all three until
6am!I was home for a minute doing my technology center thing with the kids and making some beats before catching out to

I am here now making contacts enjoying the scence and thinking about getting back to T-Town to put it down on the 9th and the 23rd. once again another Chocolate Soul is coming your way and I can’t wait. I have seen a lot of people put it down and I still rank our party right up there with the best. Chocolate Soul is a feeling, a vibe that can only be created by our group of talented musicians and artists in our neck of the woods. It’s important to me because we are making a difference in the party scene. I have talked to too many people that are getting bored with the same old thing. We are building by giving people what they want. New hot chocolate dripping off the stage!A lot of people around the country want to come down and jam out with us so keep spreading the word about what we are doing. Before you know it Chocolateville will be making some big noise…Believe.Love Peace and Power to you..

Thanks for reading..Terrance Darnell


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