Dean Mitchell participates in Wilson House Project

The Wilson HouseRedeemed Inc. – Quincy, Florida

The Wilson House (circa 1910) is the only folk Victorian/Queen Anne house in Quincy’s Pepper Hill, an African-American neighborhood. The Wilson House has been a home, boarding house, and hotel. In the 1960’s civil rights leaders sought shelter there. County Commissioner Ed Dixon, who grew up next door to the Wilson House, will be on hand to share some history with us as Dean Mitchell signs his beautiful prints. Be a part of history and lend a helping hand to Redeemed, Inc. The Dean Mitchell prints to benefit the Wilson House signed prints by Dean available for only $25.

Workers are busy renovating a century-old two-story wooden structure in Quincy. The “Wilson House” will serve as a halfway home for women recently released from prison. The house is a stepping stone to help women adjust to society and live a healthy crime-free life.

Annie Berry, Executive Director
says, “Having a safe haven that these women can go to before going into the community and find jobs and anything that’s lacking in their lives before they went to prison. We want them to have an opportunity to get to be able to become strong productive citizens.”

Find out how you can assist in the restoration and program

The efforts to raise funds for the renovation of the Wilson House continues; purchase a Dean Mitchell poster or donate directly. The Gadsden Arts Center is pleased to announce a benefit print signing of Wilson House by home-grown and internationally known artist Dean Mitchell.

Redeemed Inc.

  • Annie Britt-Berry, Executive Director
  • (850) 627-0251 Office
  • (850) 627-0252 Fax

Dean of the brush stroke

His roots, his character, his soul are all evident in his brush strokes. Dean Mitchell grew up in small town Quincy, Florida, in a predominantly African American neighborhood where art was rare and artists were an anomaly. While other children played games and sports, Mitchell found refuge in drawing and painting, expressing himself and his emotions through images inspired by daily life in his hometown.

My work is not about color; it’s about life. Once you get to know your subjects, you can develop a love that comes through in your work. In the end, you hope you can do something that will help people come together. Emotions are universal, no matter what color the skin.” – Dean Mitchell

See more details at: or Wilson House project.


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