The Chokkklit Shop

ChokkklitsoulThe Chokkklit Shop 

Chokkklitsoul, or Chokkklit for short, brings Chocolate greetings to you.  I am a 30 something year old aspiring writer from the Midwest who enjoys writing about love and relationships.  My endeavor is to write and publish books one day soon!  I was invited to Nottheads to add diversity and spice and to talk about my favorite subjects “Relationships” and “Love”.  I will “Keep it real” and be completely candid with any discussion or dialog presented.  Rather than shy away from certain topics that make most of us blush, I dig in to the core to get answers and open up the dialog so that problems will have solutions and we can all get to living and loving with zero inhibitions in the way.  

Topics for discussion range from love, relationships, intimacy, insecurities, inadequacies and how to make your relationship the envy of all relationships.  I will ask for suggestions and feedback and all that I ask is that you dig deep, be honest, and let the Chocolate flow.  

In a loving, long term relationship myself, the man of my dreams, the love of my life, “The Curve” will be featured in many of my writings…he inspires me.  I have finally found a meaningful, loving, and happy relationship in my own life which has been the fuel and driving force for me to speak openly and candidly about strategies that work.  To learn more about me and “The Curve” visit www.chokkklitsoul.wordpress.comStrap on your seat belt, get ready for the ride of your life…

Welcome to The Chokkklit Shop. 

Coming July


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