Why Barack Will Win

Barack Obama

He is a Black man. And all black people should vote for him. Even if he does turn out to be a bad president, we will have broken a barrier. Have a kick in the door mentality during this up coming election. What have we not lived through? As Blacks, this will be our victory regardless.

I wonder if people are looking to Hilary Clinton as a political leader, savior, or a woman. I wonder the same for Obama. Are they seeing that he is Black first, male, or a political leader? I believe Hilary would be a great president. Without having to reference numbers and articles, I can say that the Bill Clinton years were some the best financially and economically for Blacks and Americans as a whole, adding this is strictly perception. I would almost assume that Hilary Clinton would exceed her husband in providing that same American image.

With Obama, it is clear that he still has a lot of proving to do on the political front. With only a few years in politics, and almost 4 in Washington, he will have to develop an image for himself first (which he is currently doing very well), then get approval from the American people, the world, and eventually the Universe if you believe. The eye on America is a disapproving one at the least, and to turn that around would take superb diplomacy. I believe in Barack. That he will be creative in changing the course of the nation. I believe he will withdraw troops from Iraq; what he does after that is an important question. One that will not be answered in this article.

However, regardless of Obama’s background, the fact that he is a Black male is enough for me to place my hopes for this next election in his confidence. For me and my peers, this will be a stepping stone for us to leap from. I have tried to look at this from a political spectrum, considering the future of our nation and its’ residences. I have also come to the conclusion that our country is in dire need of strong and methodical leadership. No matter the outcome of this next presidential election, the nation will be defined and the world changed upon inauguration. If a woman becomes president. I’ll leave it at that, though I know it would be a great thing for our nation. If a Black man becomes president, the true motives of the White Americans who have held power for so long will be revealed. If a Republican becomes president, people will realized the true procedures of politics and no one will trust the government again. When the losers are announced, voters will see were other Americans stand.

If Obama does not win the Democratic nomination, he will be recognized as one of America’s fastest growing millionaires, a political power player as a few Kennedy’s have become, and an unbeatable candidate for the 2012 and/or 2016 elections. Blacks will also recognize their strength and influence on America, and step up to change the cycle that has kept up oppressed for so long. Barack Obama will win regardless.

Fade – Soul Plantation, Colorado

NottHead thoughts:

Every person is entitled to their opinion, I am glad that Fade took the opportunity to share his thoughts through the “Writings On The Wall” blog. The African American (Black) community makes up about 15% of the US population. The Democratic Party has always presumed that in the Presidential Election, Blacks would vote in mass for their candidate. The Black 15% won’t get Barack the nomination, but it is evident from the campaign contributions, that Barack Obama’s popularity extends far beyond a single racial preference profile. The race for the White House in 2008 will be remember as earth shattering and ground breaking because in all likelihood either a Black man or a White woman will be the front runner for the office. Either situation is new in American politics. I encourage all adults of voting age to find a way to enter the dialogue. Change starts first between the ears; the 2008 Elections will bring about changes that affect the world. Revolution and Renaissance for the masses.


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12 thoughts on “Why Barack Will Win

  1. Interesting, my thoughts as well. Blacks will vote for Barack simply because he is black, in spite of his politics or experience. This what we hae come to expect from black America…nothing more I can add, you’ve said it all…sadly.

  2. In response to Michael:

    Fade wants change and the feeling like his opinion matters, Barack Obama gives him that hope!! Fade is a young man in his 20s’ this is probably only his second or third time being able to vote for a President. Applaud his interest in the process; invite him in as one vote, and one voice. Let the collection of voices set the platform and the agenda.

    Blacks like other political profiles, tend to be polarized towards one candidate or another, left or right. Whatever your expectations of Black America are, they are, and you’re entitled to your opinion. If you encourage young people like Fade into the dialogue, he will have something to add and something to take away from that communication.


  3. very well said, and I agree, we should always encpurage our young people to vote, however that is not the over arching meassage of the article…lines like “motives of white america will be revealed”, et al, and of course the most stunning statement of all “even if he turns out to be a bad prez, at least we broke a barrier” Excuse me, but that is not the type of thinking i encourage from any voter…regardless of age or race…when i read an article like that…it make me suspect of the motives of black voters…hopefully those motives will be revealed….thanks for the comments

  4. Thank you Michael and Notthead for the replies to my article. This is exactly why I came: to spark dialogue on one of the most important events of our time. I would encourage both of you to read my short story entitled Xandi. This is a science fiction story about a young black girl ready for revolution. Find it on the nottheads.com site.

    I am 25 going on 26 on the 31st of this month. This will be the third presidential election I will participate in. In response to Michael’s second posting, no doubt White Americans “who have held power for so long” will show their true colors if a Black man becomes president! After the first Democratic debate in March, a MSNBC panel was asked by Joe Scarborough if a Black man could become president. The one black panelist did not say anything. The four other panelist, all white, were baffled and bewildered by the question. They were stumbling on their words and no one could answer. The station immediately went to a commercial break. This showed me, and I hope all else who watched, that White Americans are not ready for a Black president. I know that most (White Americans) will embrace the change and move forward without letting race hinder our nation’s progress. But please believe there will be much scrutiny and controversy over Obama’s administration; more so than that of GW Bush’s.

    And I raise my daughter to break chains and barriers and glass ceilings!! We (Blacks) have been encumbered by generational curses, transparent and opaque racism, and much worse, systematic separation from each other (Some of us would much rather see a White woman make it than our own brother as the president). Two things you cannot compare are Black motivation and politics. Why did Blacks vote for John Kerry in 2004? Not because of his politics, not because of his race. Because he was a Democrat and not Bush. Most Blacks don’t even know that the first Blacks in politics were Republicans. It was the Democrats who pushed for slavery. So yes, if Obama does not live up to his promises as a strong and action oriented president, Blacks will break the barrier. Period. When I run for City Councilman here in Denver’s 11th district in 2011, I will know that I can eventually run for president and win if that is what my heart desires. When young Kyle (that’s family Michael) runs for student body president, he will have his eyes on the White House without thinking its impossible or he will have to be the first. My daughter will know that she can do anything, not because she is Black or because she is female, but because she is capable.

    Some well paid and influential Blacks, i.e. Danny Glover and Timbaland, have already endorsed Clinton and Edwards. So to say Black people will automatically rally behind Obama is not accurate. As I mentioned in my first article, Hilary Clinton is already hailed as a political savior for Blacks. She probably has more support from the Black community than Obama. My goal is to get Blacks behind Obama because of race and our chance to move up in America. I also want Blacks to consider politics and policy (something we do not do) before voting for Hilary, and not because her last name is Clinton. Again, the Bill Clinton years were great for us because of perception.

    Lastly, what are the motives of Black voters? To live equally and harmoniously in our country. To have the same chances as White voters at a fine education and a good paying job. To get our fathers, uncles, brothers, and cousins out of prison and the military, and keep them out. To move our families to better homes and put our children in better public schools. To take ourselves to the hospital without messing up our credit!

    Please respond.

    Roosevelt L. Burney (Soul Plantation Forever)
    Denver, Colorado

  5. Enjoyed the read. So we are to beleive, based on the original article that white america voters motives are suspect, and according your excellent story, black voter’s motives are pure and virtuous, and the story ends. And therein lies my the impetus for my original post. I would agree with you that white america has not totally come to grips with the possibility of a black president. But I truly beleive many are putting too much faith in what Obama will do for blacks….why is it bad that some blacks would vote for Hillary as opposed to “their own brother”? hmm perhaps it could be for legitmate resaons like Obama’s total lack of experience, witness his recent foreign policy flub. and not for “systematic separation” reasons. The story still smacks of “brotherhood before common sense” to me. You act surprised that blacks would vote based on reason and intellect as opposed to a surface level need to simply have a person of the same color in office. If Obama fails, due to his obvious lack of experience, this will set black politicians and their constituency back 100 years since it will be obvious to all that many voted simply for skin color rather than substance (since there is not much else to vote for him on)…and that is what whites have been accused up for several centuries. I beleieve putting generations and generations of pressure on a candidate to somehow legitamize a race is setting people up to be disallusioned. All flowerly “breaking chains, glass cielings” rhetoric aside, its not who’s in the white house that will legitamize a race, its the everyday people. Well written story, nice sentiments, but just not buying the Obama as my “savior” vibe. Good stuff, thanks for allowing the discourse!!

  6. Thank you again for the conversation. Good stuff indeed!

    Nowhere in my two writings did I say that the motives of White American voters were “suspect” or tainted. Nor did say that those of Blacks were good or “pure”. Again, “the true motives of White Americans who have held power for so long will be revealed”. Whether those motives are positive or of negative nature, they will be brought to the forefront. Blacks do not control the media, not even BET anymore. Trust that the propaganda will flourish throughout his term, and in addition, the Whites in power who are strong arming bigotry will step up and attempt to bring an end to this disgusting practice. Everyday Americans like you and I will also see change within our communities. How Blacks and Whites and Latinos treat each other will be decided quickly after election. The future holds no truth but its name.

    I have yet to hear Obama speak on what he will do for Blacks. His foreign policy ideas are at most composed by many advisors and think tanks. He banks on the fact that he opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. True, not much substance to consider.

    Why would you not vote for him? Why is his lack of experience in Washington an issue and Giuliani’s or Romney’s is not? Why will you vote for Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, Romney, Biden, or Tancredo, or any other candidate? What have they said or shown they will do for Blacks or in regards to foreign policy that exceeds Obama? Why won’t GW Bush set White politicians and their constituents back 100 years due to his failures? Wasn’t he elected based on his party affiliation and politics and not substance?
    Blacks are educated and refined people. Our perspectives are genuine, and if a Black person did decide on Clinton or any other candidate, I would respect and consider their choice. On top of that, even if the entire U.S. Black population voted for Obama, that alone would not get him the win. It is also our White brothers and sisters who are rallying behind the freshness that Obama brings to the table. Maybe the fact that he is Black also has a lot of the White voters looking to cast their vote in his favor. However, I encourage my people to stand behind our own in this situation because of the monumental achievement possible with Obama winning this election. Brotherhood before common sense is human nature. Naturally we associate ourselves with those of the same kind, whether that is color, creed, gender, party, etc.

    My last question is: Who or what legitimized the White race?

    My only savior…our only savior is God. May he be with us.

  7. Thanks for the comments, great points! Nor have I heard what he will do for blacks but I continue to hear great choruses of how he will change the black community. But still the furor over him rises. The other candidates haven’t done anything to get my vote either. But then again I don’t see the fawning coverage of them. It concerns me that Obama has been packaged and thrust upon us in yet another slick Madison avenue way. The cover of Time, shirtless with the tagline, “our next president”. it just keeps coming at us. When I say “legitimize” a race, it seems that so many people think that somehow their life will change with Obama in office. I think we have to be careful here and not be led down a path. I truly hope Obama shows us some gravitas in the coming months and makes me (us) beleive he can stand front and center and take on the job in a very dangerous world. As I write this, I’m not convinced. As a white american, I’d love to see a change in the way things have been and could truly care less about the race or gender of my president. However I know, that I am swimming against a tide of voters, that are voting primarily skin color, and that worries me greatly. Because until these candidates show me something, they are all just mouthpieces (including Obama). So it troubles me when I hear people this early in an election cycle pledging thier allegiance to a candidate based primarily on skin color. I hope that Obama is more than freshness and packaging, I hope he has the depth that I am looking for, because if he does, this white american will vote for him. But its early. And I agree, Bush already set white politicians back more than we can imagine. But I don’t see a person’s race as being relavent to his/her fitness for office, but we’re taught that it is, and that is sad. I don’t beleive that any more than I beleive that military service is considered a prereq for office. Since when is getting shot at a qualification for office? If that were the case, everyone in some of our violent cities would be qualified! 🙂 So my plea is: Look deep at Obama, past the skin color, and truly determine his fitness for office based on competencies, not what we think he will do for any one race due to his skin color. Let’s get it right this time, regardless of race.

  8. As a foreigner from far cold Finland I see Obama as the BEST way to improve USA image in the World. No other candidate is so beloved abroad. And remember! support from International opinion is not just something Liberals care but a real power to influence World policy. Furthermore , concerning Internal Policy, the nowadays big social divisions are undermining US image as well. I live 2 years in your beautiful country and Americans are wonderful people but I still remember social injustice as a dark side to solve. Hope my intermission didn’t irritate you. Greeting from Santa’s country!!

  9. Senate Barack will win the American Presidential elcetion because what he said is only will let him to win and today the people of the world need some body who will do good for his nation not to loss his people and he going to improve the American relations with ourside world.
    those whom are talking that, Obama will not win because is black I cannot gree with them because our almighty God create every one equal. Black are created by God and what God want to do there is no any one on earth will change it.

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