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The Chokkklit Shop - Relationships

August 07 – The Chokklit Shop on

This month’s column looks at how men and women use words to communicate different emotions or representations of the relationship status. When a man says “I’m not really looking for a relationship” should alarms go off in a woman head? Or is the woman thinking, I can change his mind about me and that relationship thing.

The pursuit, chase and challenge of finding and keeping the “Right One” has been a daunting task since the beginning of time. Adam could not even keep Eve in check! Men have had this continuing challenge; where they say one thing and their counterpart hears something else. Why are relationships so difficult and communication is usually at the core of determining if it is a good relationship or soured? Women like to use labels to establish the status of this thing, this continued interaction between us.

Read the interpretation of relationship scenarios, marketing the male psyche in pursuit of a woman and a very special essay about friendship from Bonnie Glover; author of The Middle Sister.

Kal Cauthen
Kal Cauthen

This month’s “The Chokklit Shopcolumn includes:

  • Checked the Label, and I Ain’t Buying (Woman’s view)
  • The Male Psyche in Pursuit – You need to break your friend off (Man’s view)
  • In case of a loss friend; original essay from Bonnie Glover

Click for July 07 – Chokkklit Shop – Spicing Up Your Relationship


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