Millender wants Hollywood’s attention

Atlanta Homicide Star Maxx Media has embarked on producing an episodic drama based and filmed in Atlanta, Ga. NottHeads talks to Star Maxx Media CEO and Sr. Producer Carl Millender. You don’t have to go to Hollywood to be on television or to shine more light on your rising star, get connected to Star Maxx Media. You don’t have to go to the west coast, but you have to get to Atlanta to take part in this project.

Atlanta Homicide is a television episodic drama about the Atlanta Police Department- Homicide Division. The series centers around the lives of six officers as they investigate local murders and related crimes. The series is a blend of CSI, NYPD Blue and Unsolved Mysteries from the streets of Atlanta.

Star Maxx Media Brings Hollywood Closer to Atlanta

It’s happening right now, on the streets of Atlanta, the filming and development of a newCarl Millender behind the camera television series. The approach is different, so the finished product will look different, but the outcome of all this activity will be as expected, SUPER. NottHeads would like to thank CEO and Co-Producer Carl Millender for taking the time to give us all some insight as to what’s going on in Hollywood’s new Southeastern locale – “The ATL”.


In the interview Carl Millender responds to questions like:

What is Star Maxx Media trying to accomplish?

Why should Hollywood be interested in an independent production company?

How do you find talent and scripts?


Read more of the interview with Carl Millender – Sr. Producer of Atlanta Homicide…

NottHeads gives you an inside look at the making of Atlanta Homicide (The Series). The Sneak Preview Section will contain snippets from behind the scenes, music videos, and interviews with the actors, writers, producers, and directors; whatever we can get out hands on to get you the first look at this exciting new production.



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