D2Nott – What I See – Summer 07

Summer07 WISee

Reprinted from NottHeads.com – Posted by D2Nott, July, 2007

Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong

Finding your niche and staying consistent takes a discipline all on its own. Once mastered, the sky is the limit. I am thankful to have the chance to portray to others what I see. I only see so much from my perspective, (the good, the bad and the truth), but brave enough to share it with the world in this column. Having recently celebrated my birthday, a year gone by, a little wiser and smarter, I’m still getting better with time. During Black Music Month, Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World was playing in the background; “I see skies of blue, and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark say’n goodnight, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. “That Armstrong classic reminded me of how music has shaped society.

TI - King of Da South

“It’s ironic kind of shit that we buy man make us iconic; Threat to corporate America, that why they runnin’ from it; How could they be so ignorant look at what Hip-Hop done done; It’s allowed us to run a business, legitimated our moneys; Got us out the ghettos, relocated our mommies I made it all the way here, ain’t no way you takin’ it from me; So excuse me Oprah honey; I’m sorry really I promise; But niggas, bitches, and hoes do exist I’m just bein’ honest” T.I. feat Eminem – Touchdown.

Know What I Mean
Know What I Mean

In a day and time where rappers are legitimating (not a Jesse Jackson ebonic-intellectual creation; check the dictionary: in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards) money and getting wealthy off selling water, when most black men don’t make it to their 30’s without a criminal record, Michael Eric Dyson has a new book chronicling the challenges to be successful in today’s America. Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson has called on two of hip hop’s biggest names for his latest book entitled “Know What I Mean? Reflections On Hip Hop.

According to the author, the book focuses on hip-hop’s international exposure, use of politics and gender relations, among other topics. Dyson’s book opens with an introduction by Jay-Z and an outro written by Nas. “Know What I Mean? Reflections On Hip Hop” hit stores on July 2nd.

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