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The Real ROC
The Real Roc - Roc Shabazz

Proper Stretching Techniques For a Healthier Body

Stretching is an essential component of an exercise routine. However, recent studies reveal that most people do not incorporate enough stretching exercises into their fitness programs. Here are some helpful stretching exercises to increase flexibility and decrease stress and tension.

Stretch before and after exercising
Roc Shabazz
Roc Shabazz

Prior to working out, it is important to assess the type of fitness activity, activity level and an understanding of which body parts are tight. In general, it is important to stretch the neck, back, torso, hips and legs. We recommend performing the following stretches before working out:
Spinal Rolls (straight forward and diagonal – left and right), Standing Side Sways (alternating on each side), Standing Quad Stretches and Standing Calf Stretches. Once your workout is complete, it is extremely important to perform cool down exercises to decrease muscle tension and increase your flexibility. Sample cool down stretches include: Rocking Forward Bends, Hip Openers, Straddle Stretches and Spinal Twists.

Stretching keeps the muscles elongated

As you workout, you put physical stress on your body to strengthen your muscles. In that process your body can become tight and somewhat constricted. Treating your body to a nurturing stretch elongates and opens up your muscles to receive oxygen and blood nutrients and to eliminate waste.

There are many health benefits associated with stretching regularly

The benefits include: reduced stress, tension and anxiety, increased mind/body awareness, improved circulation, increased energy levels, reduced risk of injuries and improved posture, just to name a few.

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More information

Gina and Roc Shabazz

Owners of Fitness Pros 2000
Roc Shabazz
Roc Shabazz

Fitness Pros offers Atlanta residents and beyond innovative and fun ways to get into shape and feel great! Owned and operated by IFBB Pro Roc Shabazz, one of the Southeast’s top bodybuilder; also named by Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine as “Athlete of the Year”

Fitness Pros 2000 strives to meet the athletic and nutritional needs of the community. Visit Fitness Pros 2000 website for a list of services and activities.

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