Atlanta Homicide first season to air on WJXE

Atlanta, Georgia, February 23, 2008

Atlanta Homicide to air first season WJXE – Jacksonville, FL beginning Thursday, February 28.

“Atlanta Homicide”, the new crime drama created by Carl Millender (StarMaxx Media) and Hattie Lemon (Sweet Lemon Tree Films) is coming to Jacksonville’s WJXE. The hour-long episodic series will air at 10 p.m. every Thursday on Fresh TV, WJXE Channel 15 (Comcast Channel 14).

Atlanta Homicide” is a television drama about the Atlanta Police Department – Homicide Division. The series centers around the lives of detectives and officers as they investigate local murders and related crimes. The series is a blend of New York Undercover, CSI, and Unsolved Mysteries from the streets of Atlanta.

The first season of “Atlanta Homicide” features rising talent from the Atlanta area. Kal Cauthen of “All My Children” and “American Gangster” plays Detective William Bryce; Chimere Love of “Three Can Play That Game” plays Detective Red Torrez; Megan Melgaard of “The Guardian” plays Detective Foley; and Angelina Cortez plays Detective Wilmore, Alexia Ray as Detective Martinez, Archie Hughes as the Public Defender, Mathew Francesconi as Detective McNamara, Allen Earls as the Chief of police are among those who grace the camera on the series. The series will also feature music from artist from the Jacksonville area as a part of the closing credits.

Star Maxx Media and Sweet Lemon Tree Films have joined forces to create one of the most exciting dramas to be shot in Atlanta. For more information visit:

Contact Information:

Hattie Lemon – Producer

Sweet Lemon Tree Films
1245 Fowler Street, Atlanta, GA.

Darrell Nottage – Media Relations

NottHeads Inc.


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Homicide first season to air on WJXE

  1. I thought that you were picked up by Colours TV, but I don’t see your title on their schedule. Is there anyplace else we can get you in Iowa?

  2. I went to their local (temporary) office on Adams St. in Jacksonville and they had moved. Then I went to their office on Spring Park and Univeresity and they were building the station with new equipment. No word on when they will be back on the air…I did get a couple contact numbers for people that want to do some freelance work…

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