Looks, a badge and a gun

More than just good looks, these are some of the attractive female cast members
of Atlanta Homicide. These ladies are dedicated to their craft as actresses and their
characters as law enforcement officers in this drama from the streets of Atlanta.

Angelina Cortez
Angelina Cortez as Detective Wilmor
Chimere Love
Chimere Love as Detective Red Torez
Alexa Rae
Alexa Rae as Detective Christina Martinez
Fabre as Lauren
Fabre' as Lauren

Law Enforcement never looked so good! Looking these photos almost makes your
want to say “frisk me; I’ve been a bad boy!”

If one of these beauties roles up on you and applies pressure, you are probably not having
a good day!

Approach with caution; look but don’t touch.

More photos…
Looks, a badge and a Gun

Atlanta Homicide
Atlanta Homicide
Atlanta Homicide is a Sweet Lemon Tree and Star Maxx Media production. For more information visit: AtlantaHomicide.com or NottHeads.com

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