Tell Me – Kai Alece used for closing credits

Atlanta Homicide closing credits for Open Eyes episode features the music of Kai Alece track “Tell Me”.

Written by: Kanisha Hooks

Appearing: Case, Kal Cauthen, Ellie Zellers, Meagan Malgaard, Roxanne Mims, Shivey Brooks, Belvia Lattier, Tamara Purifoy, DA Hanks, Justin Jamar, Wesley Stanfield, Steve Ryan, Brandon Garmon, Laren Zellers, Isaac Cobb, Ceasar Aguirre, Traci Boyd, Vince Dillion, Solma Balber, Keiron Zanders, Jerel Ledger, Jospeh Brevard, Troy Hudley, Scott Rich

Casting: Hattie Lemon, Nerissa Williams

Producers: Carl Millender, Hattie Lemon, Calvin Cauthen, Nerissa Williams

Open Eyes - Kai Alece
Kai Alece - Tell Me

Associate Producer: Patricia Scott, Sheila Banks

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