Going Down South – new book from Bonnie J. Glover

My newest novel is due for release July 29, 2008

Going Down South - Book Cover
Going Down South

When fifteen-year-old Olivia Jean discovers that she is pregnant, her parents flee their New York home and bring her to her grandmother Birdie’s Alabama farm. They plan on leaving her there for the duration of her pregnancy, but Birdie insists that Olivia Jean can stay only if her mother, Daisy, stays as well. Though she and her mother have been estranged for years, Daisy sees no alternative but to send her beloved, though unfaithful husband back north and settle in to life “down South” with her mother and daughter. Now that these three generations of proud, spirited women are together under one roof, Birdie, Daisy, and Olivia Jean must make sense of their roles as mothers — and find a place in their lives for love, independence and each other. —
Bonnie J. Glover

“The Middle Sister” 

First novel by Bonnie Glover

Glover Middle Sister - book cover
The Middle Sister

My mother divorced my father because he nailed down rugs. So begins Bonnie Glover’s engaging, quirky, coming-of-age novel set in the black ghetto of East New York in the 1970’s. When Pamela’s father leaves, she and her two sisters must fend for themselves. Pam is aided in her quest for some kind of transcendence from her family’s problems by a laconic action hero: Kwai Chang from the seventies television show Kung Fu. Kwai dispenses wisdom and elegant moves but, although he’s polite, he has a tendency to materialize during embarrassing family moments.

As Pam’s mother becomes increasingly unstable, the three sisters pull in different directions. Pam may have a way out through school but she cannot escape entirely the danger and pain around her own insistent sexuality. Full of local color, from the enormous feasts prepared by a hugely fat boyfriend to the excited response to a Brooklyn screening of Planet of the Apes.

THE MIDDLE SISTER introduces a new literary voice.

“The Middle Sister” is now available as an audiobook!

Visit www.recordedbooks.com or call 1.800.638.1304 to order your copy.


One thought on “Going Down South – new book from Bonnie J. Glover

  1. Mine’s coming out 10 July, Uncorrected Proof, Elephantears press. I’ll look out for yours. I hope Barack wins. See luminog.wordpress.com.

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