Independent Artists get exposure on Atlanta Homicide

Atlanta Homicide
Atlanta Homicide

Within the sub-plot of every episode, music is given consideration as to how it might keep the audiences attention. The majority of the music in each episode comes from Independent music artist.
One notable exception; “Case” the award winning artist that brought you hits like Missing You, Faded Picture (in a broken glass), Happy Ever After, appears in the “Open Eyes” episodes. Lovely from Case’s latest works “Rose Experiment” is in the episode soundtrack.

CASE - The Rose Experiment
Case - The Rose Experiment

There are similarities to New York Undercover; just like in that television series gave rise to then lesser know artist and music at the time: Mary J Blidge, Jodec, and others, Atlanta Homicide is doing likewise! Artists are being featured in the soundtracks, closing credits and video mash-ups. These artists are not short on talent; they just need a little more exposure!!

Add these names to your playlist: Monica Matthews, Kai Alece, Lab Ratz, Dead Broke, Alvin Smith, Mike Moore and others. Stay tuned for more artists; if you want your music considered for use in an Atlanta Homicide episode or video, drop me an email at

Open Eyes
Kai Alece - Tell Me

Kia Alece – Tell Me (Episode – Open Eyes) Website:

Equinox - Atlanta Homicide episode

Lab Ratz featuring Dana – Can You Imagine (Episode: Equinox)

Monica Matthews
Monica Matthews

Monica Matthews – Passion (Cast photos) Website:


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