Eloquence was never a prerequisite

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Gil Scott Heron - Hood Rat Radio
Gil Scott Heron

Eloquence was never a prerequisite, a disruption of consciousness almost assured, for that was the purpose to the writings, music and message. Not out of anger, but out of a need to be heard Gil Scott Heron wanted to motivate people. He came to prominence in the early 70s when protest was as assured as morning dew. Heron inspired people to move there feet for change, to the beat of and the rhythm of poetic discord. This was a time when your really may not have want your government to take notice; especially the suits coming out of the Hoover Building (FBI Headquarters). Hoover watched and listened like others to tracks like: The Revolution Won’t Be Televised, Winter In America, In The Bottle, Did You Hear What They Said, and other tracks. Gil Scott Heron’s audiences grew his artful perceptive resonated in the hearts, souls and minds; and today he is still remembered.

Gil Scott-Heron
Promotional photo of Gil Scott-Heron in 1973

Promotional photo of Gil Scott-Heron in 1973
Background information
Birth name Gilbert Scott-Heron
Born April 1, 1949(1949-04-01) (age 59)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genre(s) Proto-rap, soul, jazz, spoken word, jazz-funk
Occupation(s) Poet, singer, songwriter, author
Instrument(s) Vocals, electric piano, guitar
Voice type(s) Baritone
Years active 1969–present
Label(s) RCA, Flying Dutchman, Strata East, Arista, TVT Records
Associated acts Brian Jackson, Perpis-Fall Music, Black & Blues, Musicians United for Safe Energy
Website gilscottheron.free.fr
NottHeads in any weather
NottHeads in any weather

Often new millennium of artists refer to Heron as the GodFather of Rap. Rap is not a new thing Hip-Hop is the current cultural fad. Heron like the griots’ invocations reminds the new protagonists of the entertainment trade that what they construct can stand, influence and truly be an art form for expression. When it’s your time to say something, have something to say. Gil Scott Heron expressed prophetically his views of the struggles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in his music.

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