Yankee Pride

Yankee Fan
Yankee Fan - Kal Cauthen

Kal Cauthen has long been a Yankee Fan, why not! The pain and suffering that shows in his emotions are worth the years of cheers and jeers that all Yankee fans have to endure. Over the span of 162 games each season a picture can tell you exactly what’s going on. Kal’s love of the Yankees is captured in this series of Color This; but in the end Kal is a Yankee Fan and he wears it on his hat, face and chest. The Yankess have more Championship rings than any other baseball team; haters can talk about payroll, we talk pennants.

Kal Cauthen is an actor and model; photos by Michael D Images – graphics by NottHeads. More images available in the gallery –>> Yankee Fan photos.

Yankee Fan
Kal Cauthen
Kal Cauthen - NottHeads graphics
Kal Cauthen
Yankee Fan
Kal Cauthen
Kal Cauthen - graphics by NottHeads
Yankee Fan

Original photos – Yankee Fan – Kal
Kal Cauthen Kal Cauthen

Color This

NottHeads wants to give the visitors an opportunity to be interactive with the contents of the website; so you get Color This. Color This will present visitor submitted adaptations on some of the art and photographs currently embedded in NottHeads.

With the advent of digital photography people have become familiar with editing tools. Not surprising with the use of these tools, you quickly begin to see that you can modify the look feel, texture and emotion of a photograph. I ask you to share your artful play with the NottHeads audience.


  1. Out of respect to the models and photographers; please do not remove or proportionally distort the contents and subjects of a photograph.
  2. Only use the photos and/or artwork provided in this section for modification.
  3. Any submitted photographs, artwork and/or graphics are subject to the NottHeads Inc. – Terms and Use Guidelines.
  4. All materials are copyrighted to the original photographer and/or model.

New sample photos will be added regularly. Have fun!!


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