Moss on the trees

SBI Superstars
SBI Superstars

They navigated the familiar paths traveled on the Highest of 7 Hills. This day they returned as a couple the way they left a few years ago; Bonnie Glover the acclaimed writer and Craig Glover the business leader. Short descriptions are a limitation of their many talents, but used as a simplified recognition of their status. To the point and determined to achieve one sentence cannot really describe how at this point in the journey they have come to tell of their adventures.

The oak tree trunks with etched barks are just as you remember. The tree canopies extended as markers to their own journey; to heights of recognition and a witness to the many that pass this way. The Glovers (Bonnie and Craig) returned to campus as honored guest speakers of the FAMU SBI Superstar Forum.

The roster of previous speakers for the SBI Forum reads like a ticker tape of the Fortune 500. As students in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it would have been difficult to distinguish either from the many young progressive SBIans preparing themselves for corporate careers. The years passed, but on this day their place is on the stage, behind the podium to deliver a message; not as they once were – sitting in the audience gazing upon the business legends of that time. What might the words convey – on the stage before the students, the multiple television shows, close-ups, huts, conferences and shared meals on a day that started before 8 a.m. and ended some 13 hours later? How might this visit shape the aspirations of those they engage?

To be honored, emulated and discussed on this day and the days that follow, the return was fitting for the Glovers (Bonnie and Craig). FAMU recognizes great people and their matriculation to and fro. The paths come from all directions, but you know you’re on solid ground because the moss still hangs from the trees, in the community where this University has withstood the tests of time.


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