Surname equals family – WISee

Obama and Kennedy
Surneames: Obama, Kennedy

The expectation associated with a SUR-Name greatly influence ones outlook on life. People that I have known all of my life have similar names or their name can be closely associated with mine. I will either add or subtract from that surname in what I do.

Family is something that cannot be stressed enough in a modern society. It is this that separates me from other people. At the root of many arguments today about what is wrong with society is family or the lack there of family structure. Family has always been there for me, when there was no one else to talk to or seek advice from. So I know of no other kind of interactions between the generations, the reassuring of who I am, who they are and what is to be expected as a member of my family; what I see, if very much focused not sole by my eyes, but made clear and descriptive by those that are active in my life. When I am making a decision on spending money, doing something illegal, and even when I am doing something rewarding; I think of how my decisions will be viewed by my family.

This Tuesday started like most; I wake up and then head to campus to manage a television taping. The guests just happened to be Mrs. Bonnie Glover the author of, “Going Down South” which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award and her husband; Mr. Craig Glover, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Signature Healthcare, L.L.C. Long story short, Mrs. and Mr. Glover both went to school with my father. Bonnie is also one of his clients, promoting her book long before it was nominated by the NAACP; on our business’ website The Glovers knew of me before I had ever met them, my family’s legacy, and name as well as what it stands for was witnessed, in the level of respect they have for me. My name preceding me with everyone I meet.

Eric sky

That being only the most recent event but the week before last, for Spring Break I went down to Miami and had a seven day get away. I have a lot of family down there. So I just have to make it down there for the most part and let us just say it was on the house. Not having to pay for much was such a pleasant surprise. Its not only the material things its small things like being able to go back to my grandmother’s house , right up the street from the elementary school I graduated from and eat dinner every Sunday with 4 generations deep, elbow to elbow. Even being able to go back to the house I grew up in and help my aunt with her yard, washing the family cars, being able to do for the people that do so much for me makes a huge difference in my behavior.

Always thinking when I talk to people, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That I have family and I would want them to be treated with respect by other people. They have supported me through times in college when I could not feed myself. I am who I am because of everything that my family and I have worked for. The family instilling morals and values like having faith and believing in me when no one else does really goes a long way as far as boosting confidence. Looking in the mirror, facing myself was something I learned from my brother.

Have you ever been able to hear your mom and dad’s voice when I am about to make an uneducated decision, snapping me back to reality anywhere, anytime. All a part of why my family is one of the most important aspects of my life. I will protect and try to honor my surname!

While 6 Degree of Separation proved that you can easily and readily link some of anything to virtually everything with a hop, skip and a jump. Her are some surname that are linked to mine; not need to break out the exercise gear, these individuals are in the photo albums and on the family tree: Nottage, Young, Strain, Lamb, Cox, Maynard, to name a few, the family surnames are known world-wide for Arts, Literature, Athletics, Government and more; does a Kennedy or Obama ever forget their heritage?



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