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Shama3, Kal Cauthen - Cotton Mill shoot

The art of the pick up line seems to be in play more often in the Summer time than any other time of the year, but Spring is a good time to get an early start. Maybe has something to do with the heat, maybe the increased opportunities as the season heats up and we all tend to do more outdoor socializing. The trip to the beach, the picnic, cookout or concert; wherever there are men and women mingling you know it’s game time. Call it game because women act like they don’t want to be hollered at, but they put themselves in the direct line of attack; why?

You know as a woman that if you step out your door and go to an event, the fellas are going to try to spit game. Game, it really is a game; how do you win or loose at this ritual, right of passage of picking a mate. Women want the attention, the affirmation that they’re attractive. Men are looking for the best possible mate, or at least some action; she may not be the right one, but she can be Miss Right-Now!

Game on!!

Men have an arsenal of verbal missiles trying to penetrate any defense a pretty woman may try to put up. Like fishing men use their words like bait, and the woman approached has the options of ignoring, gagging or swallowing the bait. As Spring begins many of us are still wondering about the last fling that we hoped would turn into something more.

How do you know when a guy you’ve never met is being sincere, or if he’s just feeding you a line? If it flows off his tongue as he looks deeply into your eyes, and your heart flutters at the thought of taking him up on what he’s offering, but you’ve only known him for 2 hours, it’s probably just a well rehearsed line. You tell your girls about him, how the whole scene played out and they begin to tell you how some other guy used that same line on them and you want to think they’re just jealous because you’ve finally found the “one”. A month goes by and the two of you fall into a comfortable dating pattern. You have lunch once a week, dinner and movie on Fridays, and you find that you’ve become his late night Wednesday appointment. Just when you want things to heat up more than they have, he turns cold.

On the other hand, if you’ve known him for several months and you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time together, and he says something that makes you melt… Then there’s a good chance that he’s sincere and the words are from his heart.

Categories of Pick-up Lines

  • Straight to the point – illicit an immediate response
  • Innuendo – line that imply, rather than directly ask; try to be slick
  • Cheese – just stupid to get a react, then the secondary attack begins
  • Flattery – can be honest admiration, but anything positive to break the ice
  • Smooth – that practiced tried and true, you know he has been practicing in the mirror lines

Photos from Cotton Mill Shoot – Kal Cauthen (model), Shama3 (model), Reno Valentine (stylist), John Washington (photography), Michael Davis (photography)


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