Miami Mojitos

Miami is the shit, huh?  Y’all got the best women and I’m drinking the best on South Beach, you say?

Ok.  You might be right.

Miami Mojitos
Miami Mojitos

Before heading to a talent showcase at South Beach’s Club Living Room, my mentor and I strolled historic South Beach.  I was shocked at the diversity of people that came to experience the magic of this area.  The arc deco architecture of the hotels and business that lined the avenues reminded me of the many movies and books that portrayed the lifestyle and excitement of past eras.  And with the thousands of men and women from all over the world dining, mingling and partying there, I was sure that South Beach and Miami as a whole had not lost its place as a top destination.

Walking down Ocean Drive, we came across a restaurant called Casablanca.  In fact, the waitress that stood in front of the place was the one that silently lured me to the door.  Her beauty and offer of two for one Mojitos was the perfect compliment to start my night.

Mojito.  The adopted drink of Miami night life.  My first ever was bomb!  The bartender cut up limes and graciously added sweet mint to the rum that would show me what this city was all about.  The spice and sweetness of my drink finally defined for me where I was and what was in store.

By R.L. Burney


One thought on “Miami Mojitos

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