Kanye just being Ye

Written by:  R. L. Burney

He was rude and out of place, snatching the mic from young Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards Sunday night.  He made the little white girl cry and to put it simply, he was wrong.

Kanye West - Taylor Swift
Kanye West - Taylor Swift

But Kanye West has evolved into that type of entertainer.  Before we go further, this is not a piece in his defense.  There is no excuse for his actions.  He was trying to entertain.  And he did just that; entertained.

We are yet to know the repercussions for Kanye’s outburst.  It probably will be severe being that he interrupted one of the most widely viewed annual shows in the US.  So is he living up to his self-proclamation of an activist?  Maybe.  Was this racial?  It doesn’t seem so, but of course only he would know that.  It’s obvious though that the reaction to the whole thing may be more than what the Louis Vutton Don bargained for.

Taylor Swift is the young, pretty, country girl next door that America has come to adore like a little daughter or niece.  Kanye West is loved, even though he can be overly flamboyant and obnoxious at times (his talent is classic though).  Beyonce, the innocent bystander in this attack, is just beautiful and too talented to even compare to anyone currently in the business.  So, it’s just an awkward situation.  The black man embarrasses the white girl in front of millions with the black woman being the left to pick up the pieces and make peace.  Thank God for the Black Woman!

As much as Kanye disturbed the masses, he was right within his comments.  Next time though, let the legitimate winner get their moment of glory.  It’s like S.C. Congressman Joe Wilson calling the president a liar in the middle of his address, or Serena Williams threatening an official in the middle of a match.  They are acting off emotion (whether right or wrong) and someone down the line will be offended.  There is a time and place for everything, but we cannot get too bent out of shape when people, especially entertainers, go to the extreme with their antics.  If anything, the apologies should be enough along with a sincere effort in avoiding future occurrences.  Just know when the spotlight is on, anything is bound to go down.

Oh yeah; Kanye West was booked on the first Jay Leno the next night! What a coincidence.


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