Beastly Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson - Hulk
Tony Johnson

“Hulk” was his name coming up. He was an All-American wrestler and running back. Benching 535 in college, Tony Johnson has gone from a dominator on the field and on the mat to a knockout fighter soon to hit the top in his new sport.

He thought of going to the NFL; they were knocking at his door too. But, Johnson found himself having to handle family matters and passed on the invite. Now, the 290 pound strong arm is going into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), easily handling opponents and tempting challengers to meet him toe to toe.

Nottheads caught up with Johnson as he was preparing for his next bout. The temperature was above 100 degrees in the gym as he sparred with fellow fighters and focused solely on the win. He put his hype song on repeat (Lil Wayne’s “I’m Me”) and smashed on the pads like he was trying to release some built up tension that was brewing in his psyche.

“It’s like a chess game. It’s all strategy,” he says as he steps away from his passion to holla at us.

“I’ve been doing this for about a year and a half now, so it comes easy to me; especially being a wrestler.”

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